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  1. Is there a way to un-see this??? Not sure I'll ever be able to putt again
  2. Hogan is an interesting one too because I thought his putting woes came after his accident due to the damage in his eye. The breakdown of before and after accident putting stats would definitely shed light on whether he had issues his entire career or if it's been an overblown "factoid" about him
  3. I guess the Mac O'Grady thought would fall in line with arguing about Moe Norman in regards to ball striking vs putting vs career. Not to be dismissive but comparing them with major winners and/or modern players where all stats are compiled is a bit apples to oranges. This is coming from a huge Moe Norman fan too (so much so I even went to see Todd Graves for lessons to learn more about his swing) so I feel bad saying anything not "awesome" about him.
  4. Was this a career long issue or just towards the end? I know about the move to sidesaddle later on but was the thinking he could have won even more than 80+ times with a better stroke?
  5. Agreed that all these guys on tv are premier players and definitely not disparaging anyone getting paid to play golf. I was just thinking about in comparison to their peers, guys that even other players think could/should have won more if their putting matched their ball striking
  6. Hey Hey... Had my first round of golf in a long time (yay shoulder injuries) and it was an interesting experience. Struck the ball way better than I expected and putted waaaayyyyy worse. One of those, "I may as well use the back of this thing" type rounds. Anyway, it got me thinking about pro golfers and their careers especially come majors time. Who would you say has had the best career being a "sub-standard" putter. Immediately Vijay comes to mind, great ball striker, obsessive grinder on the course and range but always heard his putting held him back. Any others?
  7. Why not try it during an off week? Wait, do they have those anymore? Give them a pin sheet, a laser and remove the topography maps with attached slide rule that they use now. See if it speeds up play, it's a lot easier to say one way or the other with actual data/proof as opposed to just guessing like everyone does with every suggestion that comes up.
  8. Assuming there is an actual sponsor or money problem, wouldn't it make more sense to decrease the number of tournaments or lower the purses to a more "reasonable" level for said sponsors? Why try to reinvent the wheel when all you need is a new set of tires?
  9. I love this forum. You all never fail to amaze with your knowledge and help. Thanks a bunch, those are exactly what I was looking for. Now the "fun" part, picking one to mess around with and then lean against the wall when she misbehaves. Thanks again!
  10. WOW, looked that up on google and came across it on Tourspec, gorgeous putter, thanks for the heads up. Would love to see if there is anything else out there, the image search continues, lol.
  11. More like a Scotty square back or an Odyssey 1W but 8802 blade-ish. Maybe what I'm asking for isn't out there but I figured with all of the insane putters made over the years someone might have milled one up.
  12. Hey all, I've got a random one for all the putter aficionados out there. Does anyone know of a very square or angular 8802 style blade that is being made (or has been made in the past)? I have a putter collecting sickness and love blades but my brain loves right angles too so if I could combine the two I might be able to stop myself from buying a putter for a whole week (no promises). Any ideas would be great, thanks in advance as always.
  13. Thanks. Least I could do for him, god only knows how many times he's helped me out through the years Golf clubs were easy, dealing with me I can only imagine, LOL.
  14. Thought I'd do a quick update in case anyone is thinking about doing a fitting. If you have a chance go to Ping in Phoenix. You have to call them to set up an appointment out at kierland golf club but it's well worth it. It's completely free but man do they take care of you. Full bag outdoor fitting on grass with trackman. Obviously you're only hitting ping sticks but at the very least you'll get a great gauge of what works and what doesn't even if you go with a different brand. Ended up getting my Dad a full bag of G400s two glide 2.0 ES wedges and a Sigma G Anser. Had to snag him a n
  15. That's a great idea on the shaft, I'll shoot him a text. Hopefully he jumps on this quickly so we can all see new pics. Putter projects are always a blast to follow.
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