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  1. Wanted to confirm the SM fits in a Matrix HD6. Pounded a bucket of balls with it and it seems very snug. I put it in an hd6 in an Adams 9064. I also brought along a 9015 with a prolaunch red. You can definitely feel the SM installed. It gives the shaft a very "tight" feeling. I would say stiff, but I don't think it accurately describes it. I hope it's not a fluke. We'll see after a few rounds
  2. [quote name='LONG&STR8 ' timestamp='1313176410' post='3478017'] I have a TM Burner Superfast TP 1.0 that is the long hosel version. It is supposedly compared to the Superquad 282 from a few years back that was tour only. Great driver for me. It's supposed to raise the COG compared to the retail model and for me it does while keeping the MOI very similar. Also seems like the 2.0 has the longer hosel. [/quote] Do you know if the shaft has to be tipped extra because of the longer hosel?
  3. I've seen a few tour issued Taylormade drivers with an extended hosel. Are there any benefits to this? Also, for anyone that's shafted one, do you need to do anything different when reshafting? Any additional tipping, etc.
  4. That's not true. The hunting model has the same first object mode. They just call it something else for hunting. I have the monarch 800 and it's just awesome. I've had it for 3+ years, play every week and I'm still on the first battery. It would be absolutely silly to buy the callaway model. The only difference I've found is the hunting model shows yardages to the half yard, but that's not really a con is it?
  5. There's a shop near Redhawk called golf performance studio. They are knowledgeable and do custom fittings. There's also a new shop at Winchester/ynez next to the kmart. They are fully stocked but I've never used them for any club work. What were you looking to have done? I do most of my own work and can help you out.
  6. I have the white hm2 in a 2 hybrid for off the tee. It is just awesome. Feels great, has a penetrating launch and rolls out. Fits me perfect.
  7. I can confirm citristrip is safe. I left it on for a few hours with no effects to the white. I then used acetone for touchup. I don't know about leaving it in the acetone for long periods.
  8. The head including the finish is in great condition so I'm not looking for a full refinish. there are specks of rust throughout so I'm going to try the steel wool.
  9. So what's the best method to remove light rust from black oxide without ruining the Black oxide finish? My understanding is black oxide is like a form of rust so any rust remover would also strip the black finish. Any suggestions?
  10. Go to lowes or home depot and look for electrical grade silicon spray.
  11. I've found the Samsung Instinct has a similar width so anyone looking for a screen protector, that'll probably require the least amount of trimming.
  12. If you're looking for low launch low spin, you can't beat the Pl red in terms of bang for the buck. It does give up a bit in feel but I don't feel it's as boardy/dead feeling as a proforce v2. To me it performs similar to a whiteboard without the smooth feel. But for $35 what do you want?
  13. So I have a putter at 340 grams, d7. I have another putter at c8 at 330 grams. If I put a weight at the butt end of the heavier putter to bring down the swing weight will it really feel the same or am I just tricking the scale?
  14. I sold that putter. Boy do I regret it...
  15. Once you're done turning with the acetone give the ferrule a hit of heat. A brief heat application will bring the shine.
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