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  1. plus one on Flanigan Bilt. I would add Xenon, Lajosi, and especially Gene Nead
  2. Contact Craig Ahnert at tp mills putters. They have the new ones for sale.
  3. One thing to know is that Berillium is carcinogenic, that is why they don't make clubs with it any more. Hope you did this outside or in the garage. I would just spray lacquer on them to keep them bright
  4. Mine has the box and a number on the sole Thnx
  5. I assume you know how to weld? If not, we have a very long discussion
  6. I put a couple of Odyssey putters up on EBay and got asked for a serial number. I went looking and all I could find is a number that appears to be a phone number on the sole. This is an Odyssey Black Series with the tungsten flange. I bought it about 3 years ago on this site, never thought to question it, it had to be a couple of years old then. I online and everything says the serial number should be on the hosel, nothing there. Is it a fake? If it is I want to take it down. I noticed the same issue on a Tri -Hot I have as well. Looking for a little help Thanks Ray
  7. I use V&MP Naptha as solvent. You can buy it cheap at Ace Hardware. Dries quickly and odorlessly. It's the stuff that was used in the old days, works just like lighter fluid. If you catch the excess in a tray you can reuse it over and over
  8. I have one and two putter heads are all that fit safely. If they touch you get flats and worn areas that mean more work. I use plastic media, been too chicken to try ceramic. )
  9. Actually you need to do some buffing with progressively finer sandpaper and scotch brutes. I throw then into a vibratory tumbler with plastic media. Leave it in for about 16hrs and it will look great. If you know someone that reloads they will have one cause they are used to polish brass. If you want a good finish you have a ways to go
  10. I don't think there is a proper technique for that installation...)
  11. I found that if the Iphone is not perpendicular to the line of the putter (square) it does not capture the putt. I just make sure it has not rotated on the shaft before I putt
  12. I have the 8802 style. Nice putter, don't like the treatment of the face Ray
  13. I agree with the first post. If you can find an older 8802 (60's) or Original AP it will be awesome. I think some of the newer ones are nice too, I think the Flanigan (do a search on it here) is also good. I have a couple of Cleveland designed by that are good as well. Piretti makes a heavy one.
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