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  1. The blunted toe look from Ping irons is just so spot on. Really have done a great job making it their signature look.
  2. Best looking forgings on the market, well maybe tied with the Ping Blueprints.
  3. Are those Cleveland ferrules on those bad boys?
  4. PING iBlade TaylorMade R9 TP “B” PING S59 (and Tour version) Cobra Carbon CB Wilson Staff Pi5
  5. Any update on KJ’s graphite irons shafts? Wondering if they are JDM/Korean with no one able to identify.
  6. Maltby is really solid. As others stated Wishon, KZG, and even Edel. National Custom Works comes to mind but a very different model. JDM options you can find in the States look at Yonex or Fourteen.
  7. Tour S Rustique! Been waiting to another in this finish as well. For awhile getting a Ping wedge in anything but stainless steel seemed strange.
  8. Saw a used set only once of these, one of the cleanest looking CBs Ive ever seen. Very nice.
  9. Adams IDEA CMB TaylorMade rac CB (Miura forged) Mizuno T-Zoid Pro Honorable mention Cobra King Cobra Pro CB, Callaway X-Forged 2013, and Yonex Ezone CB 301.
  10. Adams was definitely special. The TaylorMade purchase was a death sentence. MB2s are an all time iron no matter how you put a list together. Just something about them, and I remember a seeing a retail raw head just so futuristic at the time. I purchased a bunch of their various small headed hybrids with the cursive Adams logo right before they were done. Last line of theirs from taylormade.
  11. I saw a couple brand new raw sets of double dots pop up on ebay when I first heard about this set (different than limited retail one dot). It was/is the Xander Schauffele model. Should be a solid one piece head, and I think the second dot also means different grooves than retail one dot.
  12. Looks to have a very narrow sole, but maybe a longer blade length. If that is what he was looking for I can see how Callaway would have to make a separate blade for him. Maybe their version of the VR Pros (didn’t he play those)? Still wondering if the ‘21 Apex MBs have dot or other variations like the ‘18s.
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