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  1. BB1 looks better than the last 2 generations. The previous ones seemed chopped off at the bumpers/corners.
  2. Years ago I contacted Mitsubishi about buying the 100 gram (500 ct) fubuki ax hybrid shaft (also a 90) they said no dice. Always seemed to see a bunch of them pop up at the open championship every year in utilities. Heaviest retail option was 80 grams.
  3. What is the deal with all the TX flex Ventus shafts (blue?)? Never seen a TX other than the black in the 60 gram.
  4. What shaft is that in his Apex UF? Appears to be a Ventus black but the hybrid shafts are 9 and 10, no 80 gram listed. If it's a wood shaft the only TX flex officially is the 60 gram.
  5. Good to hear. I noticed the existing blade MMB-17 was down to only having 4-irons available to buy so I figured a new forging was coming out. A new players CB as well should work great for mixed sets.
  6. Would his vokey 46 with 8 degrees stamped on it for bounce means he plays it at 44*?
  7. I agree the AS irons are more 680 than 681. Strange choice for Titleist, but if they never release these even in a super limited way, then it doesn’t really matter what they name them. Can’t recall seeing a Titleist staffer with the retail snap 7/8” ferrules. These solid 1” turned down ferrules are what are on my original 681s.
  8. Any particular reason the 712 Titleist MBs have not been kicked out by any of the more recent models? I'm unfamiliar with each generations particulars. Also that original Mizuno MP Fli-Hi is just timeless. Yet another 100 gram Graphite Design DI shaft, release it to the public!!
  9. Great googily moogily! Have a 2-PW set of the original original 681 (sans “T” stamp) irons, never thought I’d ever see the 681 moniker used by Titleist again. They had the 15th anniversary special release of the 680 irons a couple of years ago, thought I read they had enough backup sets for Scott until the apocalypse.
  10. Artisan wedges, didn't see that coming. I'm guessing Artisan has demand from tour pros, but isn't really pushing them with a tour rep or anything. Impressive.
  11. Does the dot * after FORGED on the hosel of his P7MC irons mean anything? I'm guessing the dot is not on retail heads.
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