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  1. Maybe they’re doing 2 sets like Mizuno did with the MP-20 coppers. The rev33 being a limited fully milled special box set, then the above simply being the production model replacement for the king forged MBs. Or maybe only asian markets are getting the off-loaded rev33s.
  2. King Forged MB available 2-GW are looking better and better. Basically an American baby blade.
  3. Release the PLDs!! Maybe PING is punishing us because when they first released the PLD Anser on its own specific customizable website it didn’t do so well. Think they even dropped the price later.
  4. Reminds me of the Adams MB2 retail version with 5 plugs like this one, and then the tour only with 7 just like PXG’s milled blade the 0311 ST.
  5. JDM: https://www.callawaygolf.jp/jp/クラブ/アイアンセット/アイアン/APEX-MB-アイアン/p/BP_004379/configuratorPage/CPQCONFIGURATOR?orderingType=ORDERING_TYPE_1
  6. I have the OG Exotics 3/15* paired with a graphite design YS+ shaft. Not only does it feel better than anything I’ve tried it’s just as long.
  7. TM should release it in the Vault and keep the black finish insert.
  8. I wonder if we’ll see any TX flexes pop up.
  9. Looks like these were released in Japan:https://www.fourteen.co.jp/en/products/wedge/RM-4/
  10. Titleist 681 MP-14 PING Blueprint Wilson Staff Fg59 Callaway Tour Authentic X-Prototype (quad dot) Nike VR Pro Cleveland CG1 Black Pearl (with Apollo Hump shafts)
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