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  1. Always thought the J33B irons were pretty special, along with the CBs. Never seen a TourStage iron in person, but can only imagine their quality. The US Spec MR-23 blades and CBs must be something else.
  2. As others have mentioned my favorite new iron of 2021. I was hoping the rev33s would have the option to order individual irons, but it makes sense the RF Forged MBs are what Cobra intends for that. Cobra is sneaky appealing with their forgings.
  3. PING TiSI (before the Tec version) with the fourth option tour hosel setting was fantastic.
  4. Didn’t Wilson make/sell some of the McCabe designs?
  5. Baby Blades, original (series 1957 as others mentioned) 001 are also worth mentioning
  6. Mint set of Mizuno MP-14, 1-PW Quad dot Callaway Tour Authentic X-Prototype always seemed collectible. I have a 2-PW set of Titleist 681 that are so choice.
  7. The Cobra King Cobra Pro MBs (as well as CBs) are some of my favorite Cobra irons of all time. I have seen a number of new heads on eBay recently, with both Chrome (what I remember as retail) as well as a nice looking satin finish. Does anyone know if years ago they were offered in both finishes from Cobra in the MB? Maybe the satin finish is a tour van head or something if not. The CBs seem consistently to be satin (atleast in the cavity). Thanks! http://www.golfalot.com/ReviewImages/irons/cobra/prombL.jpg
  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did a limited release of the MP-22 blades with the new brushed copper finish we’ve seen on the wedges. Similar to the MP-20 Coppers.
  9. Same here. Think the TCBs on their site was very, very short lived.
  10. Maybe it’s Luke List. He’s with PXG and used to game a Byron.
  11. The blunted toe look from Ping irons is just so spot on. Really have done a great job making it their signature look.
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