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  1. Would his vokey 46 with 8 degrees stamped on it for bounce means he plays it at 44*?
  2. I agree the AS irons are more 680 than 681. Strange choice for Titleist, but if they never release these even in a super limited way, then it doesn’t really matter what they name them. Can’t recall seeing a Titleist staffer with the retail snap 7/8” ferrules. These solid 1” turned down ferrules are what are on my original 681s.
  3. Any particular reason the 712 Titleist MBs have not been kicked out by any of the more recent models? I'm unfamiliar with each generations particulars. Also that original Mizuno MP Fli-Hi is just timeless. Yet another 100 gram Graphite Design DI shaft, release it to the public!!
  4. Great googily moogily! Have a 2-PW set of the original original 681 (sans “T” stamp) irons, never thought I’d ever see the 681 moniker used by Titleist again. They had the 15th anniversary special release of the 680 irons a couple of years ago, thought I read they had enough backup sets for Scott until the apocalypse.
  5. Artisan wedges, didn't see that coming. I'm guessing Artisan has demand from tour pros, but isn't really pushing them with a tour rep or anything. Impressive.
  6. Does the dot * after FORGED on the hosel of his P7MC irons mean anything? I'm guessing the dot is not on retail heads.
  7. These are one of my all time favorite blades, and agreed it is a durable black finish. The previous generation (no tungsten in the sole) had way to much orange paint fill that kind of killed the look, but the final generation Rickie has checks all the boxes. Definitely art!
  8. Those prototype GD IZ hybrid/utility shafts seem to be everywhere. Any idea about it or if it’ll be released? Doesnt appear to just be a heavier IZ, since it has prototype on it.
  9. Those Z945 Srixon blades are so timeless. notice his have the dot after, believe those our tour only grooves.
  10. 100 gram graphite design DI shaft, think woodland had one of those at one point.
  11. His Aerotech steelfiber shafts look to be parallel (no CW on them). Anyone know why he prefers these over the taper?
  12. Waiting for Toulon to release in retail just a regular milled face (fly-mill). Small batches seem to have these sometimes. Otherwise the finishes and shapes are really good.
  13. As others have stated Tour Issue and Tour Only are different. Can’t speak much to tour issue, but I’ve gotten several Tour Only heads (different models than retail) for hybrids that I liked much more than what you could buy from a production line. They are exactly what you’d think, modified to more of a players shape.
  14. I believe Jonas Blixt still plays these (S3 conforming groove version) in the CB as a non-Cobra staff player currently. That is some serious staying power with a set of irons.
  15. Is the offset different than the originals? Otherwise definitely seems to be more progressive in head size from a larger 3 to PW.
  16. https://clubping.jp/product/product2021_i59.html 27* 5 iron I like that.
  17. Always thought the J33B irons were pretty special, along with the CBs. Never seen a TourStage iron in person, but can only imagine their quality. The US Spec MR-23 blades and CBs must be something else.
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