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  1. What shafts are in the hogans? I found their Hogan Apex shaft to hit the ball pretty high with quite a bit of spin. Out of the sets you mention I would go iblade or 620cb. Neither are really difficult to hit, look great at address and feel great. Get the shaft that feels the best and gives you the flight you want though. I'm partial to the Ping irons...reliable, consistent and bulletproof.
  2. Well...I've gone and done it...sold the G400 3 and 5 wood...I've gone back to Titleist in the TS2 with Hzrdus Smoke 70 6.5 and I'll admit one of the best sounding fairways I've hit in a while, easy off the deck and long. I'll keep the G400 Driver however and replace the shaft with a Project X Hzrdus Yellow. To date I gave the stock alta a whirl, a 73 Whiteboard, and a GD Tour AD IZ6.
  3. Been playing the Ping S56 since the day they came out and they are still firmly in the bag. This year, they have fended off 3 sets of irons...the Callaway Apex 19 Pro / Apex MB combo, Srixon Z785, and Ping i210. Found the Apex 19 Pro LLLOONNGG and had some huge fliers from first cut, Srixons werent as bad for fliers for me (note to self hit more fairways!) and actually surprised the heck out of me for the feel. The i210...well...they are great irons and I won't knock them, but the soles are huge (compared to what I'm used to) and for some reason didnt find them as consistent as my S56.
  4. You mean wait for the new stuff to come out?
  5. ...and that is the question for the driver in particular. I was fitted at a very reputable business, and in the fitting it seemed great but out on the course after some time the shaft/club wanted to draw too much. The fairways are another story, I HATE the sound. Performance wise they are very acceptable and with very good ball flight and consistency, but my god the sound. LOL If anything I would keep the driver and toss in a hzrdus yellow 6.5...but the fairways have to go on feel/sound alone. Yes. Im fickle.
  6. I still have the G400 driver, 3wd and 5wd in the bag. I have played them for a while now but its time to move on. I did get fit for the driver a year and a half ago, but tue shaft they put me in hit it high and draw, but in the right rough or sometimes behind a big piece of furniture. I sold the shaft and messed with a few others. Being the heavier heads I firmly believe they require a cb shaft...anything other than that feels like a sledge hammer. 3wd and 5wd are surprisingly louder than the driver. I hate the sound, performance is pretty good. Best sounding fairway I've has is th
  7. Interesting comments. The previous couple posts is what I am finding. A few days ago I put the blueprint with ctaper against my i210 px lz and I was more accurate with the blueprint. It was easier to hit straight or with a draw, little knockdowns etc. Is it possible the longer blade length is a bit harder to turn over? The CG is farther from the hosel?
  8. I have been playing the Ping S56 Irons since they came out and have attempted to replace them too many times to count. The latest attempts were with a combo set of Callaway Apex Pro 19 / Apex Mb....long irons went miles with a huge gap between 7mb and 6cb....not enough to knock out the consistency of the S56 even though they were longer. Next, a set of Srixon Z785. While this was one of the best feeling irons I have hit, they were a bit longer than my S56 but I could not get over the shape and let them on they merry way. NOW, I purchased a set of i210s, for a couple of reasons. 1)
  9. So the insoles are not glued in the Pro SL and it is DEFINATELY the insole rubbing against the back heal of the shoe. I can even make it squeak pushing it with my thumb.
  10. Never thought of the powder! Thanks for the suggestion!
  11. I'm a little bummed. I purchased my first pair of Foot Joys in years, picked up a previous model FJ Pro SL with the BOA in black, great looking shoe. Tried them on at the store in a wide, great fit for the exception of a bit of room in the heal. Meh, no deal breaker for me and very comfortable. What is a deal breaker for me, and I'm not sure if any others have had this problem with the Pro SL, is they started squeaking! Nooooo!! Bored to tears in lockdown I decided to try them on again after being put away in the closet right after purchase with the idea of feeling them on my feet and maybe 'w
  12. I have the Apex Pro/MB combo as well but yet to hit outside. From the multiple sim sessions (GC Quad) the Apex Pro is approx 1 club longer than my old faithful Ping S56...and the Mavrik Pro was a club longer than Apex Pro. MB are so solid and 7-8yds longer than S56...Apex Pro are pretty solid as well but come off with a real 'crack'. Mavrik just JUMP. Not a bad feeling at all...just hot feeling with a fair bit lower spin. EDIT: shafts were not all equal.
  13. I used an 80s VS Proto in my 906 5wd that I used until this year. Replaced it with a G400 5wd and having great flight with a 76g Hzrdus Yellow 6.5. The three wood is also a G400 with an 83s Blueboard tipped 1/2". I'm liking the Hzrdus so much I may switch the three wood shaft too.
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