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  1. Durability has been better with enamel in my experience. I've only ever used Testors or model master acrylic though, not sure if there's better ones.
  2. Assuming this isn't an issue if the garage door is behind the Mevo+?
  3. What does it take to get on Ohoopee?
  4. I can't recall, so I can't directly answer but I'm pretty sure the Flightscope Mevo webpage has them listed.
  5. Was just out looking on the FlightScope sight today - it's been updated to show 6 weeks delivery lead time now.
  6. According to Flightscope's Facebook page, FS | Skills has been updated with Mevo+ compatability and is available for both apple and android. I am hoping this means FS | Golf for Android is on its way as well!
  7. Not sure, I'm not a paint expert so not familiar with why enamel requires so long.
  8. Non-acetone nail polish remover works best for me. I've tried using acetone, but if you're not super careful this can easily remove too much paint.I've tried both enamel and acrylic paints before. I find the best results and most durability with enamel model paint (Testors or Model Master). Downside is enamel takes a long time to cure, and for multiple colors I normally have to spread out over a couple days to ensure the best results.
  9. I would consider this one: https://www.tgw.com/golf-carts/golf-push-carts/tgw-tour-4-wheel-push-cart I have that same cart, except from when they were still CaddyTek brand and not rebranded to TGW push carts. I'll be on my 3rd season this year and everything about the cart has been great. My only one knock, is that I wish it had a hand brake on the handle instead of the foot brake down by the wheel but that isn't really a big deal.
  10. I have the necessary space in my 3rd stall of my garage, which is actually like a 1 and 1/2 stall because it's extra deep for storage. I am pretty much already onboard for getting one, but the trouble is I'm pure android for all of my devices and what not throughout my home. I've got no desire to pick up an apple product just to be able to use this, so here I will probably sit until Android apps are developed for Mevo+.
  11. I really want to get one. I was almost ready to pull the trigger on a SkyTrak but after being a member of a few sim groups and reading how finicky it can be to make sure everything is aligned correctly and getting it to read accurately I'd rather have the Mevo+. Simulation for me would kind of be a secondary bonus, an alternative to to always hitting on the "range" or FS Skills. And honestly, I don't care about the putting aspect of simulation because I've never really been on any sim that is a really great representation of putting in real life (disclaimer - I haven't used anything like PuttV
  12. I reached out on Facebook, Alex Trujillo from FS confirmed iOS only at the moment but "android in a few months". Hopefully sooner than later, I don't own a single apple device and don't intend to start now.
  13. Sorry, but not true. See this page where they call out iOS and Android separate. I also had a chat with their sales rep (should be on an earlier page of this thread) and they confirmed the same. https://www.flightscopemevo.com/apps/
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