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  1. Brand new, tags still attached, never worn only tried on once. Christmas gift that didn't fit and I was too lazy to get to the mall to return. I can still exchange at the mall but would prefer cash for clubs instead as I'm not really a Lululemon guy. $128 new, will entertain offers but not going to take it in the shorts between shipping and discounting.
  2. I'll see what I can find. I know one time I got them at hobby lobby and those weren't that great. I ordered some from Amazon that were ok, I think maybe just the tip size that was still too large. I couldn't control the flow as well and it wasn't much better than toothpicks. On the isopropyl, I'd go with that for sure.
  3. I haven't run into any issues affecting chrome or satin finish using a stripper like tal-strip or citri-strip. I'd say if they're irons with a coating, or black finish you may have to be careful. I've found acetone can take some time depending on the manufacturer and what paint they use.
  4. Yes, I have VeloCore and not a "made for"
  5. So I decided to go out and post the question on TGW'S site, they confirmed they're still made by CaddyTek.
  6. Didn't see they had a second page of products, this is the cart I have. https://www.caddytek.com/product/caddytek-caddycruiser-one-version-4/
  7. As far as I can tell they are the same. TGW used to carry Caddytek, now they don't. Haven't seen a TGW cart in person, but based on pictures all the parts look identical. Same wheels, tubing, straps, umbrella holder, handle, e.t.c. I have an earlier version of this one, mine still has a strap on the upper which I prefer over just the cradle. https://www.caddytek.com/product/caddytek-caddycruiser-one-version-8/
  8. Thanks for finding and sharing! This was one of the original threads that got me into painting my own.
  9. Yes, I'd suggest longer curing time to make sure it's dry. When you go to clean up excess use a little rubbing alcohol on something lint free and try to avoid rubbing anything except edges where paint spilled over. The rubbing alcohol isn't as aggressive on the paint removal as acetone or mineral spirits, so you have some wiggle room. But avoid rubbing anywhere you don't need to as it seems to dull the finish a little too.
  10. 1) try to keep the surface where the paint is going completely level horizontally. Otherwise the paint will follow gravity and collect "downhill" 2) in my experience the enamel paint tends to shrink a little as it dries, so just use a little more paint than you think. Overfill the area a little. You can always clean up the edges. 3) I actually like that 'fade' look where it's darker around the edges but that tends to happen more with paints that are more translucent. It should be harder to notice with solid colors.
  11. I watched the the Mevo+ Demo Webinar that FlightScope recently did and I was pretty impressed. I was really impressed with FS Golf &FS Skills apps as they seem like they'd be great practice tools which is what I would want the Mevo+ for. Being able to get fairly accurate distance readings along with shot shape, dispersion and the other blub & ball stats that Mevo+ provides is great. Yes, I have read here as well as in another Mevo+ facebook group that some have issues with chipping and putting, but that isn't a big concern for me. Those are things I like to practice outside to really dial in and don't rely on simulation for short game. For me, being able to play some sim golf would be an added bonus but I don't put a lot of stock into sim golf and it's more just entertainment. To me the value is in the ability to practice indoors and have a good representation of my ball flight and distances.
  12. Thanks for the tips, I'll keep an eye out for both next time I'm out. I can't recall seeing Old Overholt or Old Tub, but that could just be that I wasn't looking for it.
  13. New to this awesome thread. I am relatively new to bourbon as well, really only getting into it a few years ago. My palette tends to gravitate towards spicy rye's. Right now, High West Double Rye is probably my favorite. Templeton Rye 4 year is another favorite. And to the thread above I think Woodford Rye is really solid. I also like some smoother wheats like Weller and 1792, but we don't get Weller here. I'm not a big collector but on my shelf right now is: Blanton's single barrel Jefferson's Reserve Four Roses Small Batch High West Double Rye Buffalo Trace Bulleit I tend to keep Buffalo Trace, Bulleit 95 Rye or Woodford around for making Old Fashioned's and Manhattan's at home. The rest are usually for sipping neat or over ice.
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