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  1. I feel for you. I just let go of mine too. Such a great iron set, I finally had to admit to myself I'm not good enough for them anymore.
  2. They are both 21 degrees. I have updated the item title of each with this information.
  3. Prices include shipping to the CONUS and are pretty firm and fair for the condition of these clubs, especially considering current 6-8 week wait times for new Titleist clubs and the fact that the TSi line will still be new next year with Titleist's 2 year release cycles. Low ball offers will be ignored. Titleist TSi2 7 Wood (21 degree)- Head Only - $old As close to new as you can get. This was bought new of a WRX Member and hit less than 20 balls off mats at the range. Has never seen dirt or a blade of grass. I had to try the 7 wood trend but I'm sticking with a hybrid. Titleist TSi2 4 Hybrid (21 degree)- Tensei AV Raw White 90HY Stiff- Standard Specs - $250 Exactly the same condition and story as the 7 wood. Bought brand new off a WRX Member and I took the plastic off the head and hit less than 20 balls off mats at the range. Did not fit with my gapping needs, I am staying with my 4 iron and 3 hybrid.
  4. Thanks. They don't look as shiny as my tour chrome SM7s and I'm searching for some raw SM8s in those exact heads so I was hopeful. GLWS.
  5. In hand, ready to ship. Brand new in box, never been used, still in plastic. Currently 5-8 week backorder on Garmin website. $750 shipped CONUS.
  6. Hey @cavemeister - I actually bought the head but I don't think it's going to beat out my hybrid so PM me if you're still interested!
  7. This is the truest statement I've ever seen on here. I think I've tried to sell my 750s 2 or 3 times now and just can't let them go, despite some great offers.
  8. So it sounds like the consensus is that TaylorMade tips their driver shafts 1" by default for their adapter. Does that mean their 3 wood shafts are tipped 1.5" by default?
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