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  1. That makes me really happy! Glad to help anyone save some $$ these days. Was he able to buy them at the really really low price before RB fixed it? Haha if so, good for him
  2. Just saw that! Someone must've accidentally dropped the "3" from $34.96 haha. Well kudos to anyone who got these before they fixed the price! Glad I could help anyone get this deal, there's no telling how many pairs I would've bought if I wore size 15-16
  3. Hey there, y'all! Hoping everyone's having a good 2021 so far. I was trolling Rockbottom Golf for deals while looking at some golf balls, and they're having a 25% sale on clearance items! That includes these New Balance spikeless shoes that were $4.96 before being discounted to $3.72 exactly. Unfortunately they're only available in sizes 15 and 16 in varying widths and either grey/silver or white/navy color combos, but for any of you with bigger feet these might be something to look at! Especially if you're just starting out, these seem to be a very good, affordable shoe according to the revie
  4. I was nervous too, but all the research I did suggests it's a fairly doable DIY repair. I'm actually about to try doing this with a few clubheads: 2 hybrids reaming from 0.320" to 0.335" (they're ladies hybrids I'm repurposing for an avid senior golfer) and some wedges reaming from 0.355" taper tip to 0.370" parallel tip. The golf component and clubmaking site GolfWorks sells the equipment to do this and it'll only set you back about $40-50, and then you can use it as often as you want until the reamer wears out! All you need is: 1) a spiral fluted reamer for the tip size you want
  5. Just picked up 2 dozen on eBay from different sellers, but they both ended up being around $17 with free shipping, so just under $35 after tax for 2 dozen! You can find them on eBay pretty cheap if you're willing to wait for them. Can't wait to get them ?
  6. Just saw them at Walmart for $25/dozen and was going to pick up a dozen, but I found a slightly better deal online so I'll probably get some too. I have way too many golf balls as is: 3 dozen Nicklaus Black practice (so new) and 4 dozen mint Kirkland Tour Performance I just bought a couple months ago. While I love premium brand balls, I also love buying smaller brands at great prices lol. So these will likely be my next pickup! ?
  7. If you're hitting the Cobra irons better, then by all means go with those! You can find the missing PW on eBay fairly easily (I'll share some links at the end). I also recommend the Burner driver with 3W and 5W since they're very forgiving, but depending on your swing speed the 3W might only work well off the tee due to the low loft. That 5W should be good though, along with the Burner 24* hybrid and maybe the Honma 22* hybrid. With the hybrids you can probably play the Cobra irons in the 5-9 (and PW which I suggest you get). For the wedges I'd go Mizuno 56* and Taylormade 60*, and whichever p
  8. The new look is a touch more modern and clean! Plus the search function has been improved big time, well done with the update ?
  9. Since then I've also bought: Callaway 816 DBD driver, 3 Adams XTD fairway woods (3+ 3 and 5), TM M1 21* hybrid, Tommy Armour VCG wedges (52 and 58), Odyssey O-Works Tank 7 putter, SMT driving iron heads, Voodoo shafts and Apollo steel shafts for my driving irons and hybrid, and equipment to start doing minor club repairs at home. And those are just the clubs I'll be playing! This doesn't count all the clubs I've bought to flip, keep as backups for my friends and family, or build a new lefty TM set for my dad. It's been quite a shopping spree for me! But I'm also selling my old stuf
  10. Hey there, I know it's a few months later but I was looking for info on the VooDoo and wanted to help! So I found a couple of eBay listings that ship to the UK. Original XNV7 shaft ($36USD + $25USD shipping): https://www.ebay.com/itm/BRAND-NEW-ALDILA-VOODOO-XNV7-X-STIFF-335-TIP-NV-DRIVER-SHAFT-46-UNCUT/383027856933?epid=1703744487&hash=item592e3d4625:g:~3kAAOSwm8VUy-HB&shqty=1&isGTR=1#shId And the newer Rogue 110MSI 70X that seems to have an identical shaft profile according to @Stuart_G above ($60USD + $28USD shipping): https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Uncut-Aldila-Rogue-Silver-11
  11. Thank you once again! Such a big help, now I can go buy this driver ? For your help, you have earned this:
  12. Thank you! The Google translation showed me all that, what I really need to know is what the kickpoint actually is. Are you able to translate it? Because according to Google the kickpoint ("手元調子" in Japanese) translates to "tone" in English and that doesn't make much sense to me haha. Is it low, mid, high or somewhere in between?
  13. Does anyone here know Japanese and can help me with this? I'd greatly appreciate it!
  14. Shortly before shelter-in-place: Dynacraft Prophet MB 5 & 6 irons (4 & 5 replacement), Apollo Spectre stiff Taylormade Jetspeed 3 wood, stock stiff Tour Edge EX9 3 wood, Matrix Black Tie stiff After shelter-in-place: Cobra King Tour Forged Irons 4-PW, KBS Tour FLT 120 stiff Yonex Ezone XPG 3 wood (shaft came in snapped in 2 :/ but I got a full refund and will eventually get reshafted) And probably going to buy a couple more things, like some fairway wood shafts :D
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