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  1. Superstroke 2.0 Tour on my Phantom X5. Putt with the claw grip and found the X5 works better for my stroke than the X5.5
  2. Vokey 60 degree M grind with 8 degrees of bounce. Our bunkers get hard packed after rains so the lower bounce works well, also chipping off of tight lies around the green. My 56 is a Vokey D grind with 12 degrees of bounce I use in fluffy sand and out of heavy rough. In the past I played a 54.16 K grind but its too much bounce off of full shots from the fairway. My next wedge will likely be a low bounce K grind as I really like the wide sole.
  3. torque tightened with PXG wrench. No rproblems with 5 gram or heavier weights as they are not aluminum, just the light 2.5 seem to be a problem, next time just snug.
  4. Actually its the star head that stripped on the 2.5 weight which is made from aluminum and I am careful when tightening.
  5. Had to replace the black Tour Temper shaft in mine after only 5 rounds as the chipping was horrendous. PXG offered to replace the shaft with a chrome shaft but I put a KBS black shaft in and have had zero chipping issues. Also have had a weight in the bottom strip out and cannot remove. I like the putter but have never had these issues with any other putter manufacturer.
  6. Learned in the era of Persimmon Drivers and Balata balls and was taught to hit a draw to gain extra distance. Wish I could hit a cut or fade but my eye sees every shot as a right to left shot; and if I try and hit a fade I block it right.
  7. Just arrived back from Vegas Golf Buddies trip, for years we played Mesquite and now are playing Vegas area course. Played Bears Best which is a good layout with good greens in great shape, the fairways have a large number of divots. Can't beat the Pauite Wolf Course great greens with lush fairways. Try Rio Secco which is very accomodating with good greens, great fairways and a nice layout. One to avoid Reflection Bay, greens are in bad shape extremely slow play it ook us over 6 hours to play as there was no marshall and they overbooked the course, we called the golf shop and the Pro wouldn't even come out to speed up play. He didn't seem to care, definately not worth the money to play.
  8. Put SS Tour 2.0 on today and tried the counterweight and didnt like the feel. Removed weight from grip and using 2- 2.5 gram and 2 - 5 gram weights in the sole and certainly seems to have helped the feel of the putter. Hope it works as I am leaving on a golf buddy's trip to Vegas to play. Thanks for your feedback.
  9. Considering changing out the Lamkin PXG grip for Superstroke with counterweight, how did it work out for you?
  10. Just purchased a VA Slay 55 and put it in my G410 LST and the shaft is fantastic. Great feel and very tight dispersion.
  11. Just put the Scotty Squareback 2.0 in the bag and I do like the feel of this putter on the bermuda greens I play.
  12. I still have a Kirk Currie Brazos with 345 gram weight. This putter is unique in that it is a face balanced blade putter.
  13. The new G425 Fairways do not have the turbulators and look much better, however, the sound is offensive.
  14. Played the G400's 3 & 7 wood and while very forgiving found them to balloon sometimes due to high spin. Then went to a fitting and the fitter put me in a G410 5 wood head set to 16.5 with a 3 wood length shaft and was hitting it further than a G410 3 wood, the added loft provided added carry over the 3 wood and I actually gained yardage. Also fit me in a G410 7 wood with 5 wood length shaft. I also like the slightly smaller heads of the 5 versus the 3 wood. I have tried the newer G425 SFT 3 wood (16 degree loft) and found it very easy to hit high and long however the draw bias has caused me issues so I am staying with the G410's. Tried the TSi2 and SimMax2 fairways and nothing knocks the Ping Fairways out of the bag. There may be fairways that are longer but don't think you will find a straighter fairway than a Ping.
  15. Ping Oslo H PXG One and Done
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