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  1. Ordered the ZX5's and as they just arrived last week and played with them Saturday in a tournament and these are the best irons I have ever owned. Worth the wait. I appreciate them getting the clubs to me after 6 weeks but in their efforts to get product out the door you need to have your clubs checked when you recieve them. I was fitted and ordered custom set +1/2" in length and standard loft, lie was 2 degrees flat. In rushing the order my clubs were 2 degrees weak in loft and the lie was 4 degrees flat. As they are forged they were easily bent and set to
  2. Ordered my ZX5's on April 28 with Recoil shafts and Tour Velvet grips Loose in the box, they didnt have CP2s in stock and didnt want to delay due to grips so will trade in the tour velvets at local club fitters. When I ordered in April they told me mid June delivery. In checking with customer service they told me heads were due on May 28 and still expected mid June ship date. Yesterday afternoon they arrived to my surprise. Don't give up hope.
  3. Love the feel of the Mizzy wedges but the sharp leading edge always caused me to dig a little too much. Bounce and grind of Vokey's just work better for my swing and angle of attack. If I played on harder turf then I could see me potentially gaming them but here in the South with the soft turf I need bounce and rounder leading edge.
  4. Hit the Ping G425 versus my Ping G410 and no difference in performance and prefer the sound of the older G410. Last month went to a Titleist fitting (outdoors on Trackman with ProV1 balls not range balls) and tried the TSi 1, 2, & 3 models with all the various shafts. We started with my current driver a Ping G410 for a baseline. First up the TSi2 which I absolutely loved the sound and feel, the head shape not so much. Then the fitter handed me the TSi1 in hopes of gaining a little swing speed with the lighter driver, hated this club as its too light for my swing and dispe
  5. Srixon notified me that the next shipment of ZX5 heads are due to arrive on May 28.
  6. Ping G410 5 wood head with 3 wood shaft and lofted down to 16.5 degrees making it efectively a 4 wood. Like the slightly smaller head size of the 5 wood versus 3 wood head. Handicap index 8.3
  7. Currently playing them Vokey SM8's. Prior wedge honors go to Nike VR Forged, they spun the covers off balls and felt great.
  8. Ping i500 have very little offset. 6 iron - .10 inches 7 iron - .09 8 iron - .07 9 iron - .05 PW - .03
  9. Fitted yesterday with a TSi3 4 hybrid set at +2 degrees with weight in toe. I tried each of the hybrids at Titleist fitting and was shocked at how easy the TSi3 was to launch.
  10. Yesterday I went for a Titleist driver fitting and ended up ordering a TSi3 4 hybrid. I was shocked at how easy it was to hit and the movable weight helps me take the draw/hook I normally fight with a hybrid. I plan on keeping my 7 wood in the bag and have the hybrid set +2 degrees at 22.
  11. A friend of mine went to Ping authorized fitter and was fitted with full set of Ping G 425's, Driver, Fairway, Hybrid, Glide wedges and G425 irons. He received his Driver, Fairway and Hybrid after 6 weeks. Going on 11th week and he has still not recieved his G425 Irons or wedges. No indication from Ping on when his order will be fulfilled or shipped. Ping has some serious issues. I am a big fan of Ping's but I would not order a set from them until they fix their backlog problem.
  12. tagermo

    Ping Wedges

    A golf buddy of mine ordered 3 Glide 3.0 wedges with his G425 irons from a Ping fitter and its going on 10 weeks and he still ha not received his wedges or his irons. He will probably get them about the time new wedges are released. Ping obviously has some severe delivery problems.
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