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  1. Played the G400 Max and hit a friends G410 so I sold my G400 Max and upgraded to G410 Plus, wish I hadnt changed. The G410 does sound better and with better feel than the G400 just slightly less forgiving. Last week I was able to demo a new G425 on the golf course (not a hitting bay ) and didn't like the sound at all very sharp ting sound. Recommend G400 Max or a G410 but do not recommend the G425 as I didnt find one attribute that makes it worth the upgrade.
  2. tagermo

    4 wood

    I use a G410 5 wood with 3 wood length shaft turned down one degree for 4 wood loft of 16.5 degrees. Works great.
  3. The G425 is loud it has a "tink" sound that I did not like reminded me of the tink/clank of a Callaway driver. My G410 is staying in my bag.
  4. My Ping G410 7 wood is one of my very favorite clubs. Excellent for long par 3's as I can hit the 7 wood high and land it soft. Better trajectory than a hybrid for my swing.
  5. 5W lofted down with 3 wood shaft length so in effect a 4W. Also prefer the smaller head of the 5 wood. Playing Ping G410 5 wood and its not going anywhere as it is long and very forgiving.
  6. I have been playing the G410 4 crossover during the summer months when its warm and I am swinging good, during the winter months when I don't compress the ball as well I put in the G410 4 hybrid.
  7. Tested on a launch monitor and the G410 5 wood outperformed the G410 3 wood with same length shafts. The smaller head of the 5 wood also appeals to me versus the larger head 3 wood. I am playing my G410 5 wood and -1 degree flat setting with a 3 wood length shaft and my G410 7 wood is set at neutral and has a 5 wood length shaft.
  8. For several years I had a problem with a tremor in my left hand that made it difficult in teeing up the ball, had to use a Martini tee just so the ball wouldn't fall off the tee peg. Three years ago I tried CBD Oil drops, two drops daily under the tongue and within 3 weeks my tremble stopped. For inflammation of my knees (arthritis) I have used a topical ointment and found it works great both pre and post round to alleviate soreness and inflammation. Not all CBD products are legitimate so be careful when buying. I purchase my Topical from a licensed Hemp grower in Texas
  9. Recieved my One & Done Plumbers Neck 3 weeks ago and tried it for a couple of weeks and it did not knock out my TM Spider X chalk. Purchased the weight kit and played around with the weights and replaced two of the 10 gram weights with 5 gram weights and wow what a difference in feel, roll and confidence for me. 3rd round so far with the new weight configuration and it appears this is my new gamer. Good feel, good roll and the ability to aim this putter is unparalleled.
  10. Struggled with 3w off the turf so went to a local top fitter, outdoors, not hitting into a net and screen. Hit Titleist, TM, Cobra, Srixon and Ping G410. My launch was better with the G410 5 wood and was way more consistent and longer than the 3 wood. I like the smaller head of the 5 wood so he fitted me with a G410 5 wood 17.5 degree head in a 3wood length shaft. Set the loft -1.5 degrees to 16 so in effect have a 4 wood. We did the same with the 7 wood and placed a 5 wood shaft in it. Go to a good fitter that has a large selection of brands and shafts. It has saved me lots of m
  11. I had played the NS Pro 950 GH in a set of Titleist irons years ago and loved them, tried several shafts in the I-500's and found the Modus fit me better, the NS Pro 950GH spun a bit to much for me. Don't think you can go wrong with Nippon shafts.
  12. 65 years old 9 Handicap. Ping G410 10.5 Driver set to +1.5 degrees for total loft of 12 degrees with EvenFlow Blue 5.0 shaft Ping G410 5 Wood with 3 wood Alta CB65 shaft in Stiff flex set to 16.5 degrees Ping G410 7 wood with 5 wood Alta CB65 shaft in Stiff Flex set to 20.5 degrees Ping G410 4 Crossover with Alta CB70 Regular shaft Ping G400 5 Crossover with Alta CB70 Regular Shaft Ping I-500 6-W with Nippon NS Pro Modus 105 Regular Shaft Vokey 52-12 with KBS Hi-Rev Shaft Vokey 54-14 K Grind Wedge Vokey SM-8 60.08 M Grind TM Spider X Chalk Pu
  13. tagermo

    5 or 7 Wood

    I have a 17 degree 5 wood with a 3 wood shaft loft turned down to 16 making it a 4 wood then a 7 wood with 5 wood shaft set at 20 then a 4 iron (crossover). Works great for me as the 7 wood brings it in high and soft, find it more versatile than a hybrid which I cant seem to get to hold the green.
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