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  1. Bought off here as a gift but never sent nor have I used it. Just wanted to recoup my payment $185 OBO Shipped conus.
  2. I did that this year. I used to be all about 3 woods but rarely hit them. If I had a tight tee shot it was my 17 hybrid. Now you can lower lofts to 13-14 (15.5 in my ping 410). It doesn't travel as far but then again how many times do I need to hit it 260 to a pin? I went with two g410s 17 (15.5) and 22 (20.5), with your right shaft, its almost cheating.
  3. GLWS - I did the same now back in search of a 3 wood lol
  4. Wish it was actually a 22* lol. I tried closing the 19* up to 20.5. Waaay too closed. GLWS, should be gone in 5, 4, 3, 2.....
  5. Ping G410 with Tensei Pro Blue 80 S. Rather trade for the 2 head only or 4 with X in similar condition. SOLD Diamana Ahina ion 70 X 42.75in tipped "0.5 for 3 wood. Going in a different direction. $75 shipped
  6. M5 Rocket 3 wood with Tensei CK Orange 65 S. Standard LLL. Trade for G410 LST 14.5 or G410 2 17* Hybrid. $OLD Odyssey No 3 Jack's Dr. Jekyll - $30 Shipped Tensei CK Pro Blue 80 S out of a Ping G410 3 hybrid (39.5" to tip, plays 40.25") $70 Shipped
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