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  1. Tour AD XC-7 X, 44.5", Titleist tip. Used to hit 30 range balls to test. $225 915D 10.5 $75 Take the club for $250 Fujikura XLR8 Pro 71 X, 43.5", TM 2* tip $75
  2. Titleist TSi3 8* with Tensei Pro Blue 70TX. Standard LLL. Had some uglies so I sanded and sprayed matte/clearcoat. Weight 195g. Shipped conus TRADED Rather not trade but I'm always a sucker for 10-10.5* TSi2/SIM Max/Ping Max heads
  3. Looking for a 46 Vokey, SM6 and up, X100/6.5 preferred (Ctaper 130x ok), Standard LLL. Prefer a Raw/Nickel but Tour Chrome fine too.
  4. For me its all looks first - Wedges are like putters to me. Around the green I need one I am confident in and then I will select loft/grind/bounce that works best for me. After switching from reg 588s to Vokey years ago, I tried Mack Daddy / Glides but I can't get used to the look (i like the sharper toe topline).
  5. Must be shafted with DG X100 (TI or non TI), KBS C-Taper X or Project X 6.5/7.0. Combo sets are fine but shaft most important. Standard LLL preferred.
  6. Head only is fine but with 80-90 gram X flex shaft would be better. stock length must.
  7. I had those before these, wanted to love them too but felt a bit clicky, so back to old faithful.
  8. Clean set of Callaway X Forged 21 CBs with NS Pro Modus3 130 X flex. Standard LLL. Standard Golf Pride Callaway Z-Grips Bought here, five rounds on me. I really wanted to love these but I'm a Titleist forged guy for life and more importantly DG X100s. $950 shipped conus via UPS. Flash and non flash pics below.
  9. Absolutely, imperfections that were already there when I bought but I added to the mess with my alignment sticks ugh!
  10. $350 OBO shipped via UPS. Unfortunately victim to some alignment sticks in my bag. But didn't bother me at address. Showing pics with flash and no flash below. Original HC Included. Regardless, I need to loft up. I'm interested in 10.5* or 12* SIMs Max or reg, 10 or 11* TSis or possibly Callaway Mavrik or new Epics
  11. Interesting. I like the new ball new round thing. I've always just played the balls that I have used previously which are in my valuables pouch. (never more than 3), I have all my new balls marked in my "ball pocket" of my bag. I am going to have to find a used balls section in my golf bag... hmmmm
  12. 1. Odyssey Stroke Lab 7S 34" - loved this but moving on to White Hot OG model. SS GTR 1.0, Original HC included - $145 OBO 2. TS2 13.5* with Hand Crafted HZRDUS Yellow 83g 6.5, 43", Original HC included - Head $100, Shaft $60, Club $135 OBO 3. M3 15* with Diamana BF 80 TX (LH tip), 43", Original HC included - Head $50, Shaft $100, Club $125 OBO 4. TS2 23* hybrid with Diamana D+ 90 HY, 40.5", No HC - Head $100, Shaft $50, Club $135 OBO 5. G410 *26 hybrid with Diamana D+ 90 HY, 40", No HC - Head $100, Shaft $50, Club $135 OBO Love packa
  13. Requested paypal for item. Waited ~8 mins. Went to shower. Came out saw the messages. Sent funds within 5 mins of "still want it" and few minutes later received the last messages. I've never flaked as a buyer and have always quickly sent payment over but I'm definitely at fault here for not being more proactive. I assumed generally 15-30mins might be a fair time to allow buyer to pay? And let others know they are next in line? I was the beneficiary of "next in line before".
  14. Couldn't find anything through search but I was wondering what other member's thoughts were, pretty sure most are aligned with yours
  15. Yeah I sent funds (asking price) within 20 mins and he told me sorry sold because someone offered him a higher price.
  16. I can't make up my mind so please help me complete my ho ho ho'ing. Not really interested in trades but building towards 620 MBs, 910H/913H/818H1/TS2 hybrid (24 or 25*) and possibly vokey non chrome lob wedges (58* 60* 62*) standard specs with upgraded shafts (S400 and up in stiffness) 1 - Tour Issue 915D4 8.5 in great condition - $125 - No hc 2 - Taylormade M5 9*, bottoms scrapes and top from alignment sticks but nothing that affect playability - $150 add the Kuro Kage $175 - M4 hc 3 - Titleist 818H2 19* - $75 - stock hc 4 - Ping G410 4 22* hyb
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