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  1. Has anybody played there after the NCAA's? I'm heading down there soon and want to know if the course is playing harder than it was before they got it ready for the championships.
  2. Another strike against Brian Mayer! After accidentally ordering the wrong shoe color, I called him the very next day and told him; he said he'd fix it, no problem. Four weeks later, I still haven't recieved the shoes. The next day when I get the shoes, they're the WRONG COLOR. I go to his store in Villa Park at noon during business hours, only to find it closed. So I give this guy a call to stop payment until I get the shoes I want, he begins to yell expletives directed at me. After that whole fiasco in which I filed the 200th or so complaint in the last 36 months to the BBB, I went to my loca
  3. Another vote for Orchard Valley. I just played there for my high school's conference tournament, and it was in great shape. The fairways are pretty wide, but you get punished for a bad shot. Very similar to Cantigny, but with a little more water. Definitely a challenging course.
  4. I tried to look around for new 905Rs in 10.5 with at least a close to square face but didn't find anything squarer than mine. Luckily they had a demo with a 65g HL in it and my spin rate and launch angle rose considerably, which is what I needed. Averages from the Vector: 13.5 Launch 2950 RPM 159.7 BS Looks like the V2 HL/905R combo has finally cured my "trajectile dysfunction".
  5. V2 HL isn't a shaft option unless it's custom, only the regular V2 is on most 905Rs. Besides, the V2 would decrease my spin rate instead of increase it.
  6. I'm currently playing a 905R 10.5 with a YS-6+ stiff shaft in it. However, I'm not getting the spin and consequently distance that I'm looking for. Any suggestions on a sub $100 shaft that would work? I'm thinking about a V2 HL 55 or 65 in R flex so I can get the spin rate up. And one more question-can a Golfsmith or Golf Galaxy do Titleist reshafts? I don't want to have to send it all the way to Titleist to get it done.
  7. After making a birdie on the previous hole, holding driver in your hand and knowing you're going to crush it.
  8. Don't worry about it, you're probably just pressuring yourself to shoot a lower score, but they will come. I shot two 48's in a row during the first two days of tryouts and then just focused on making good swings. I ended up shooting a 40 with a triple on 9 because I started to think about scoring again. I was the first alternate in our first tournament just because I played so terribly on the first two nines, but I should be back in the rotation for the rest of the year. Don't worry about scoring, it'll happen.
  9. Today I found a Taylormade ball in the woods, and instead of TP Red on the side the marking looked like <RED>. Was this ball an early prototype of the TP series balls?
  10. Ours just ended Monday, we have 7 guys including me that can shoot at least high 30's/low 40's consistently and the other two struggle to break 50. I can't stand being paired with them in practice, my average so far playing with them is 47.3 compared to 40.5 playing with my equally talented teammates. It seems like all the bad shots I see get in my head and it makes me hit bad shots.
  11. I like them so I can show off my high school team colors, but a few of the strands of yarn on the top have already fallen off. Also, the cover on my five wood is constantly falling off, which can get really annoying when you're trying to concentrate on your next shot instead of losing a headcover. I really like the throwback look, but will probably take the five wood headcover out and just leave the driver one on.
  12. First day of tryouts for my high school team. Hacked a 48 for the front nine, which means I played two shots worse than my 18 hole handicap (9.2) :tongue: ,then settled down and shot even through five holes on the back nine until it started storming. Couldn't hit a driver to save my life, pumped two OB and then three putted from ten feet. Hopefully I can take the momentum into tomorrow's tryouts.
  13. 1. Chicago GC- Wheaton, IL 2. Cantigny GC- Wheaton, IL 3. Cog Hill GC-Dubsdread Lemont, IL 4. Shady Canyon GC-Irvine, CA 5. Medinah CC #1
  14. The only problem was that I had a tournament that week and there was a long par three I had to step on a hybrid to get there and a reachable par 5 that I had to lay up to because a three wood would've gone over the green and into the water, could've saved me a few strokes if I had it in the bag.
  15. I got my five wood regripped at Golfsmith, should have been an overnight thing but I stopped in the store two days later and it still wasn't regripped. Overall it took five days for me to get the club back. Five weeks for a driver reshaft? That's pretty ridiculous.
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