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  1. I play ZX7 short irons and just picked up some nos Vega wedges. VW-06 grind in the brushed/raw finish. It was a roll of the dice but these are fantastic and were very inexpensive.
  2. I’m guessing if I use a hoofer lite on a push cart, club tangle should be minimal?
  3. Anyone know what shades CT was rocking at the Olympics?
  4. Thanks for the review. What color are you playing?
  5. 1. City and State? Wellesley, MA 2. Handicap? 5 3. Current Ball? Bridgestone Tour B RXS 4. What color e12 Contact do you want to test? White 5. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  6. I would take a look at the Srixon ZX4. Fantastic iron.
  7. The push cart for ALL Sun Mountain stand bags is the Bag Boy Quad XL. The bottom accommodates any external foot mechanism. The cart folds up quick and small. I use a Gen 1 Quad with a Sun Mountain 2.5+ and it works great.
  8. 150+ here not including D & C as well as many Garcia Band shows.
  9. Brew, would you mind sharing the source of the 2020 single strap 2.5? Exactly what I am looking for.
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