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  1. The past couple of weeks I've played in low 40's a few times. As long as there's little-to-no wind, and I'm walking, it's really not bad at all. I even got my wife to come walk 18 with me on one of the days it was in the 40's. If you had asked me 10 years ago if she'd be on a golf course when the temps were less than 70, I'd have laughed at you.
  2. Huge amount of truth to it. I walk most of my rounds anyways, but I feel it's absolutely critical to walk when it's 55 or below outside. When you ride in a cart in the cold, not only are you not moving as much as keeping the blood flowing, but the air moving on you while riding makes you feel even colder.
  3. OP, unless you think sitting her down and having a serious discussion about relationship expectations is going to reach a compromise that both sides can be happy with, then you might as well pack up and get out now. It sounds like she isn't going to be happy until you quit golf altogether, and spend every waking moment with her in church.
  4. The next time someone says "but I can't justify the cost of a private club", remember this. My longest round this season, 4 hours and 20 minutes. And that was one round. The rest were 4 hours or less.
  5. Agreed! I walked 90% of my rounds the past two seasons, and I have found so many good ways to be efficient. So much so that one of the guys I've played with said "man, it is hard to keep up with you at times". I've actually had to think about ways to slow myself down. But you're right, walking gives you the time to prep yourself mentally, and allows you the freedom to move that a riding cart sometimes does not. I don't run to my ball, but I have been told I walk fast. Another thing I do is if my tee shot is ahead of yours, and I'm not directly in front of you, I'll walk up and to the side
  6. In simple terms, it just means "play ready golf". And in my opinion it's more than just hitting the ball when it's your turn. In some situations you can be doing things while the other players in the group are hitting in order to get yourself ready when it is your turn to hit. Efficiency.
  7. I ended up playing 92 out of the 114 rounds I played this season at my home course. I mostly play the blues at my home course (~6300 yards), but I do switch it up and play the tips (~6600 yards), and move up to the whites (~6000 yards) maybe 8-10 rounds each year. The tips at my course don't make too much difference on the par 4's, but the par 3's become annoyingly long (one is flat and plays at 235 yards, another is an uphiller that plays around 220 - both are heavily guarded by bunkers). The whites are short, and I use them on day
  8. I had a friend tell me a long time ago that "unpaid golf debts are bad karma".
  9. I think I get a bigger laugh out of when the putts are just dropping all over the place. Earlier this season I shot 72, and that was with 6 birdies. Don't get me wrong, I was striking the ball well most of that day, but the putting was just ridiculous (26 total putts). The two guys I was playing with that day were shaking their head and laughing at some of the putts that dropped. It's a lot of fun when the putter is hot.
  10. The course I was a member at from 2016-2018 had two holes, #17 and #18. I donated a few boxes of balls to those two holes over those three seasons. 17 is a par 3. Water on the left, right, and off the back. Tips played at 200-210 yards. Blues at 170-180. A lot of the older guys would play a short iron to the fairway in front, and take their chances with getting the ball up and down. 18 is a 410 yard par 4. Off the tee there's water just in front of the tee, and water that follows along both the left and right sides of the fairway for about 275-300 yards. The second sh
  11. This has to be the definition of First World Problem.
  12. I second this. I just purchased an XC 40 three months ago. I had my clubs with me at the dealership, and I tried it out. One bag fit fine. What I didn't try is two bags, and the first time I tried to get both mine and my wife's clubs in there I discovered that I needed to take our drivers out of our bag in order to get both in. It's not a huge deal, and even if I had figured it out at the dealership it wouldn't have stopped me from buying the car. The XC 60 is bigger, so you may find it's fine.
  13. NY'er here. I've been saying for the last 4-5 weeks "this is probably the last round of the year for me". And then this morning I put in a vacation request for a half day this coming Friday because it's supposed to be in the high 50's. I bought a new 3-wood earlier in the week. I mean, it needs to get out and see some action. Who am I to deny it?
  14. I'm actually thinking I might head down this weekend to play a course that I used to play a lot when I was first starting to play golf. I bring it up in this topic because I used to go out and play this course quite a bit when the weather got colder, partially because it was one of the few courses that stayed open year-round. It's not a great course, conditions-wise. But I have a lot of nice memories walking it by myself, enjoying the peace and quiet. It's only supposed to reach highs in the low 50's this weekend, but that's perfect walking weather IMO
  15. I'm betting the April Masters will also be without fans, unfortunately.
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