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  1. I'm a 5 index. Over 26 years I've had nine eagles. Eight of them were on par 5's and one was on a par 4. I think your chances of making eagles depends on where the strengths in your game are, what types of courses you're playing, and the tee box lengths you choose to play on. For instance, I'm not really a "smash it and go for a lot of par 5's in two" kind of player. At least one of my eagles was flying it in from 80 yards out. Some of my others were on shorter par 5's that practically anyone who can piece two good shots together can hit in two. Only one of my eagles came on a lon
  2. I think even though it was noted on the tee sheet that there'd be a shotgun start, the starter/pro probably should have verbally mentioned that to you before you teed off. And you probably should have capped yourself at 9 holes for the day.
  3. Not sure I'd want most jobs in the golf industry, as from what I understand they never have the time to actually PLAY golf themselves. However, if there was a job where I could travel the country to evaluate golf courses by playing them, then count me in. Beyond that, no thanks.
  4. I agree with this. We went on our first trip to Pebble back in 2013, and while Pebble is great, I actually enjoyed Spyglass more. So much so that I have two tee times for Spyglass booked for our upcoming trip.
  5. It depends on whether or not you enjoy the layout of the course, and would be happy playing the majority of your rounds there. The course I am a member at has par 3's for #9 and #18. And they're annoying, very uphill par 3's. And 18 is not only uphill, but usually plays about 190 yards from the blues, and is surrounded by deep bunkers. I don't love it, but there are so many other good things about my club that make it a non-issue for me.
  6. A few years ago I was playing with a buddy who got a hole in one, and there were a bunch of maintenance guys working on a green not too far away and in full view of it. We were hooting and hollering, and those dudes could not have given less of a sh*t, LOL. Anyways, to answer the OP's question I often think about what I'd do if I were to finally get a HiO when out by myself. I would much prefer I accomplished it with friends, but I would still know that I achieved it even if I had no witnesses. I can tell you it's not something I would ever make up a false story about. It's one of those sc
  7. A comment on the rental clubs: I ship mine to the resort via ShipSticks, I don't like to rent unless I absolutely have to. For a couple reasons. First, I am almost always playing multiple rounds and I want to have my own clubs. Second, the cost to send them via ShipSticks works out cheaper than renting if you're playing more than 2 rounds of golf.
  8. I live about 10 minutes away from Oak Hill. They have two courses, the East and the West Course. The East is their famous one. I've managed to get onto the West 5 times, and the East only twice. Luckily for me in each of these cases, a member brought me out and it cost me $0. And agreed, I don't want to be in a situation where I made the trek out to somewhere and regretted not playing a bucket list course when I had the chance.
  9. As someone who has gone on vacation to play courses like Pebble, Kiawah, Sawgrass I wholeheartedly have to say it's 100% worth the cost. Yes, they're expensive rounds, but at the same time it's not like these are courses you're playing week-in and week-out. They're experiences, and they'll be memories and stories that you can draw on for the rest of your life. I had this debate with a friend of mine a couple years ago. He asked me what my round at Pebble cost. When I told him $500, his jaw dropped. Then he said "but for $500 I can play the local muni down the street 10-12 times!". Yeah, yo
  10. Just my two cents, but no way I would pay that much per month just for a driving range.
  11. Yes. It's that never-ending chase of the perfect round. Which is never attainable. And that's what makes it fun - you keep trying.
  12. So I belong to a private club in the northeast. Before covid, we did not have tee times. People just showed up to play, and most of the time it wasn't too long of a wait. Once covid hit, everybody and their brother started showing up to the course at the same time. So we had to start using an online tee time system. Now I, for one love the tee time system. But a bunch of the (mostly older) members hate it. What they seemed to ignore is our course EASILY broke the record for most rounds played in a season last summer. If we didn't have tee times, you'd be waiting 2-3 hours to tee off.
  13. My wife and I live in Rochester, which is only a couple hours away from you. We are members at a private club. Of the items you listed, our club provides: - Bag drop attendant - Easy access to tee times through online system. (Before covid we never had tee times. Probably will go back to that model once covid is past us) - Yes, riding carts cost us extra. However, we both purchased MotoCaddys and walk the majority of our rounds. I highly recommend. It makes walking 18 easy, and the money we've saved in golf cart fees has long since paid for it. https://www.motogolf.com/pro
  14. It looks like her tee for hole 3 will be 157 yards. We have a similar hole at our home club which is very uphill, and I think it's about 125 for the ladies. But with the slope it plays like 140. She should be ok. Her rule is if she gets to a 10 on any hole, she picks up.
  15. My wife and I are playing Pasa as part of our Pebble trip later this year. I chose to add it to the itinerary based on the comments and feedback I've seen on this site and other places. It seems like most people absolutely love it. I guess the only question I'd have is how difficult is it? I'm a 5 index, my wife is a 34. I'm probably going to play the whites, which are a little shorter than my home course. Also, what are our options for grabbing lunch afterwards?
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