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  1. My club is doing well. I'm at a mid-tier club, joined in 2018 under a great new member deal where initiation was $1k. Today we are at full membership, have a waiting list, and initiation is back up to $10k. Many of the people waiting to get in for full memberships are joining now as social members. A few miles away is Oak Hill CC (host of multiple PGA Championships, the '95 Ryder Cup, and the '89 US Open). I don't know for certain, but rumor has it they've increased their dues, still have a long waiting list, and all this even after they hit the members for a large assessment to rebuild a large chunk of the course in prep for the 2023 PGA Championship.
  2. About 7-8 years ago I started doing some yoga. Didn't go to a teacher, just grabbed one of the wife's DVDs and gave it a try. I liked it, but I think it contributed to the bulging disc in my back that I eventually got. I think it's easy to over-do a move in yoga, or do it incorrectly and hurt yourself if you are not careful. The fact that I was trying to do it on my own probably caused me to do something wrong, and back injury. But that's kinda my point. I think if done right and under the guidance of a good teacher, yoga can be awesome for your golf game. I also think you're one wrong move away from messing yourself up too. I have a couple other friends that were absolute yoga freaks. One even taught yoga at a high level, and both of them eventually ended up with bad back injuries. If it works for you, great. I think I will stick to normal stretching and safer core exercises, but that's just my experience.
  3. I've only played Ocean and Osprey, but I enjoyed Osprey a lot. Not sure how it stacks against the others they have there, however.
  4. I have the Theragun mini, and love it. I'm not sure it entirely replaces a good massage therapist, but it definitely helps work on trouble areas. I use mine mostly for my lat, low back, and hamstrings.
  5. Also, in response to the couple of posters above who had bad experiences with the members at Pasatiempo I'll mention the following. When I booked our tee time, I was able to do it a few months in advance through their website. I booked for a twosome for 8:30 am on a Sunday morning. A couple months went by, and out of the blue I receive an email "thank you for your reservation". I open it to see that my tee time was set to 9:40 am. I called them, and the guy at the pro shop said "that happened because the members have the tee from 9:30 and earlier. The online system shouldn't have let you book that time, we need to work out the kinks". Ok, not a huge deal, as long as I have a tee time reasonably early in the morning I'm good. I can definitely understand that members should get some priority over the public. I'll also mention that when we got there, the service was good. And while we were hanging out practicing on the putting green, a couple of the members actually chatted it up with me and were very pleasant. And I get that it's kinda a luck of the draw thing, some may run into less-than-friendly members, and others like myself got a better experience. But honestly, it was a great day.
  6. My wife and I were at Pebble Beach a couple months ago in early September. We took a day and drove down to Pasatiempo. I can say unequivocally that we both LOVED it. Definitely worth the drive, and we both agreed that if we ever get out to Pebble again we are adding Pasa to the itinerary.
  7. I hurt mine pretty bad in mid-September of this year. For the first few days I could barely move off of the couch, and was on muscle relaxers and painkillers. I immediately started physical therapy. I didn't touch a golf club for 3 weeks. After 3 weeks I decided to ride along in the cart while my wife and a couple others played. I stuck to putting and some very light chipping. And even the chipping was getting to be too much after a few holes. I eventually moved up to 1/2 swings, and I would ride along and play a few shots, take a break, play a few more etc. A couple weeks later I was able to play a full round of golf, riding in a cart, and limiting myself to 75% swings (sadly one of those rounds was one of my lowest scores all season because I was hitting a lot of GIR by swinging easy). I think it was about 6 weeks after injuring myself that I was finally able to walk 18 holes, and swing near full speed. However, even to this day which is about 9 weeks later, I get very sore the day after walking 18 and it's difficult to play more than a couple days in a row. And I was a guy who did a golf trip to Florida with the boys this summer, and we played 9 rounds of golf in 8 days no problem. In short, I think the winter break is going to be good for me. I don't think I'll get back to true 100% without rest.
  8. Load up on golf balls, and gloves. Maybe an extra pair of shoes? Belts? Hats? New golf bag? That's probably what I'd spend it on if I was in your situation
  9. 100% this. My wife and I were at Pebble a couple months ago. We walked with a caddie, and another couple they paired us with took a cart. The cart path-only thing was definitely making them very slow (not necessarily their fault entirely, but...). So slow that the ranger came by on 9 and said to our caddie that we needed to pick up the pace. Our caddie just shrugged at him and glanced over in the direction of the other couple as they marched 75 yards from the cart path to their ball. Kinda to say "what do you want me to do?" But yeah, get the caddie. Pace of play aside, at the very least it's a great walk.
  10. I think if the PGA ends up doing what BillyHo is suggesting, you're gonna see a lot of guys jump ship for that other tour run by that Shark guy.
  11. There it is! Yeah, no thanks Yikes! If Augusta was on the list of available courses, maybe.
  12. I'd probably vote to get my HiO at Sawgrass 17. I've been lucky enough to par 17 at Sawgrass, and birdie #7 at Pebble. But no holes in one. Still waiting on my first actually. However, in early September of this year my wife and I were at Pebble, and this was my tee shot on #12:
  13. I'm a 6 index, and been playing Callaway Apex's since 2014. They're GI irons.
  14. Some quotes from the guys I play with: "Except for the line and the speed, that was a great putt you hit". (Said right after I pipe a great drive down the middle of the fairway) - "Nice bogey" (Said after I putt to two inches from the hole) - "Can you mark that? One to the left please" Yeah, I love them too.
  15. I'm a 6 index right now (so, just above your 5hcp threshold), and I just added a new 3w to the bag at the beginning of this season. It replaced a 2-iron. I love this 3-wood! I can attack par 5's, and it's solid off the tee. But I can also confirm that I can hit it 230-240, as I have measured a few of them with my SkyCaddie. The only reason I put the 2-iron away was because I didn't feel like I could trust it hitting off the deck. Hitting off the tee it was fantastic. On dry days I'd get massive amounts of roll. But hitting off the turf, sometimes I'd be able to get it up in the air great, and others it looked like I was hitting a punch shot or worm burner.
  16. Back in '18 I had a dual membership. One club was 25-30 mins away, and had to drive through downtown of the city to get there. The other is about 2-3 minutes away. I ended up getting rid of the membership at the club that was farther away. I kinda miss playing that course, and I've even contemplated re-upping the dual membership. But I don't because I keep coming back to "I don't wanna drive across town all the time to play it" In other words, if the "special" course is really great, then you have to weigh if it's worth the drive all the time. At first you might not care about the drive, but eventually it will probably wear on you. I'm spoiled with having my current club real close. It makes it easy on all sorts of levels.
  17. Oh man, I hope that's not gonna be too much of an issue. I mount my current one to a holder on my push cart, and other than glancing down at the numbers when I need them, I don't do a lot of touch input. Wondering if I don't touch my finger to the screen at least once every 30 minutes on the SX400 if it will go to sleep from inactivity? Is there a way to set the inactivity timeout to greater than 30 minutes? No worries if you don't know.
  18. @Argonne69 I just purchased the SX400 (I have had a SkyCaddie Touch since 2014). Curious if you like yours?
  19. I'm allowed to buy up to 12 guest passes a season. If I buy them as part of a bulk deal at the beginning of the season, I get a better rate than if I just purchase them as I go. That said, the bulk deal saw an increase of $5 per pass this season. Not sure if because of covid or another reason though.
  20. Oh man, traveling around the country to play golf sounds like a fantastic idea. One I wish I could do myself. Maybe when I retire, which is anywhere's from 15-20 years away. Looking forward to following your journey!
  21. As most players here probably have, I've had both ends of the spectrum when it comes to playing in scrambles. Earlier this season I did a fundraiser scramble where they had me tee off first as the "safe guy". I can hit the ball about 240-260, not crazy distance, but ok. That day I think I maybe missed two fairways all day... We used NONE of my drives. I was striking it off the tee great, and not one drive used. Everyone in my group could hit longer than me, and we had one guy who was a former D1 athlete who absolutely murdered it off the tee. I measured one of his drives with my SkyCaddie, and it was 320 yards. He occasionally lacks some control, but having me tee off and get us in the middle of the fairway freed everyone else up to just grip it and rip it. We went -15, and never had to stress for anything worse than par. Then there's the opposite end of the spectrum. My father in-law and two of his 70+ year-old friends asked me to join them for a scramble. They were bragging that I'd be the "ringer". The strategy was since none of them can drive the ball over 200 yards, that I'd tee last and be the "big hitter" (which is a bit of a LOL, but everything in golf is relative). I think we probably used 80% of my shots that day. We went -1, and there were 2-3 bogies on the card. Pars weren't always stress-free.
  22. One 10-foot putt counts the same on the scorecard as a 350 yard drive. I'd rather be proficient on and around the greens.
  23. I'm at a private club now, and have been a member since 2018. Before I was at my current club, I was a member at a semi-private for three years. That said: One of the reasons I left the semi-private is because I got tired of all the outside tournaments they were having. I get it, tournaments bring in money, but when they started booking the tournaments on weekend mornings that got irritating. Those above that mentioned that the semi-private is really just a pre-paid public access course are 100% spot-on. That is how it felt to me. Also mentioned above is it's easier to make friends and find a "regular" group to play with at a private course. At the semi-private this was more challenging. I've probably played my private course 250+ times in the past 3 years, and I'm not bored of it yet. And the nice thing is, if I wanna take a day every now and then and go play somewhere else, it's not a big deal. I don't look at my membership and think "I gotta play my home course as much as I can to get my money's worth or I'll go batty!". To follow up the boredom comment, another great thing about playing the same course is you really get to know the quirks of it, and you'll shoot better scores because of it. If your wife plays golf (as mine does), she's got access to play by default with most private clubs. Semi-privates usually charge more.
  24. New York here. Played this past weekend in mid-50's, it really isn't bad at all as long as the wind is low, and I walk. Planning on playing tomorrow afternoon. I think last year I got 4-5 rounds in November/December. It's just dependent on no snow on the ground, and low wind. As long as I walk, I keep warm enough. As for how I feel about the season, I had less rounds than last season (currently at 91 vs 114 total last year), but I also had two great golf trips in this summer so that makes it easier to hang em up if I have to. Another factor for me is about 5 weeks ago I hurt my back pretty good. PT and stretching has gotten me back to playable status though. TL;DR: in short, I'd like to play a few more rounds, but wouldn't be too sad if 3 feet of snow hit the ground tomorrow morning either.
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