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  1. Increase the grip pressure with your right ring finger.
  2. Nope … trail shoulder has to elevate in the BS to allow the arms to go up.
  3. Depress your right scapula from P4 to P5 while winding your ENTIRE right arm clockwise.
  4. So sorry for your loss, Monte. Got to see your dad play a couple of games during his brief time with the Reds when I was in undergrad.
  5. Looks like setting up too far from the ball is causing too much “out” with your hand path. Bottom pic is slightly better but still too far away.
  6. Hogan was on Mac's staff in 1947, so I wonder why he just didn't make a phone call and ask them to make a couple more drivers just like the one given to him by Nelson? Or he could have hopped a flight to Cincy and brought the broken driver with him? But the master swing tinkerer actually decided just to "will" a fade? Hilarious, thanks for the laugh!
  7. Increase the grip pressure in your trail hand ring finger.
  8. Increase the grip pressure of your right ring finger and maintain it into the follow through.
  9. Congratulations, OP ... welcome to the club! “When I describe a golf shot and gesture with one of my hands, it's always the right hand I gesture with. That's because golf is a right-handed game [for right-handers], not a left-handed game as some people believe. Hogan was emphatic about that. The right hand controls the position of the clubface, generates the speed, applies the touch, everything. All the left hand does is hold on to the club, and hopefully not break down on the downswing.” Ken Venturi
  10. Hogan set the club deep into the two middle fingers of the right hand allowing him to use the weight of the club to facilitate right wrist extension, that, combined with the CW winding, helps create the club shallowing in transition. I see it as more of a vicious uppercut with the base of the right palm pad than a throw. "He (Hogan) was big on getting that right hand in position and holding it all the way through the swing" - Jackie Burke, Jr.
  11. His entire right arm started winding clockwise (ESR and supination) in the second half of his BS and he increased and maintained that winding deep into the DS ... he had that move presecret. So instead of giving all of that up, could he have kept a little through and after impact to counteract the counterclockwise rotation of his pivot and his left arm for a more stable clubface? Push through impact and up the plane with "three right hands" using PPs#1&3 and a completely synced right side? I have never contended that this was the secret that definitely fixed his hook, but only that it could be possibility based on my observations and experimentation. There is no grab or stall in the grip with this move if done correctly, allowing the swing to be a continuous, freewheeling motion.
  12. For a right hander, rotate the ENTIRE right arm clockwise starting in second half of the BS or in transition.
  13. A friend of mine sent me the link below yesterday. Thought some of you might get a laugh out of it as I did. http://www.instagram.com/p/CKklZmUgdmC/?igshid=tf72s9b90tzz
  14. 11.5 EEE helps! Just can’t go past P3 on the BS or the backshift and counterfall kick in.
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