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  1. Anyone hear anything about new Cobra hybrids? The stores are running out of the current model. Is that because they are so good, or they just stopped making them? I always liked their hybrids with the rails. Thx
  2. Thank you very much for checking, but I don’t believe they actually have it. I checked the other day. Also their price is $399, while the list price on Axglo’s web site is $205 (although they are completely out of stock). Given the shortage, I’ll overpay some, but 2X seems over the top to me. Not a great way to build customer loyalty.
  3. Unfortunately RockBottom ran out. TGW and DSG ran out. New supply may come in end of May. I tried Craigslist but no luck there. ? Looks like I’m playing with 3 clubs in a carry bag.
  4. Does anyone know where to buy a push cart, any push cart, anywhere in the world, now? Every online and local (NY) store and manufacturer appears to be out of them and I can’t bring myself to pay 3X the normal price and $100 shipping on eBay. Thank you!
  5. Ts-713i Standard Series$479.00HandChoose an option RightShaftChoose an option 34"GripChoose an option Leather - BlueBase EngravingChoose an option Buffalo I'm following
  6. https://www.seemore.com/private-reserve-m7x-platinum.html# Private Reserve Platinum m7x (P1220) BASE PUTTER 1 x Private Reserve m7x Platinum-R $450.00 1. Shaft (Required)1 x Upgrade: All-Black Stepped Shaft $25.00 2. Length (Required)1 x Putter Length 34" $0.00 3. Lie (Required)1 x Standard (70°) $0.00 4. Grip (Required)1 x SeeMore 60 (60 grams) $0.00 5. Headcover (Required)1 x Black Private Reserve (Magnetic Closure) $0.00 8. (OPTIONAL) Sole Stamping 1 x Sole Stamping - 1 to 3 Characters (expect additonal 5 business days to build) $50.00 Special Instructions for Order: SB
  7. 1) What does it feel like when you’re putting well? - I can see the line on the green from my ball to the cup with whatever break is needed. I then just feel the speed. It's almost automatic. 2) What is the biggest challenge when you’re putting poorly? - Looking at my scorecard. That and I can't see the line and my hands don't have any feel. 3) What is your handicap? - 16
  8. Just got the X7. Was between that and the X8. Basically, the same putter, except the X8 is all black and I liked some shiny steel. I figure it won't scuff as much over time. Both are incredibly easy to line up and very smooth to stroke with great feedback for distance control. Could this be the "no-miss" putter I have been looking for all these years? I think I will name it "Dracarys."
  9. KING F9 TOUR LENGTH SPEEDBACK DRIVER Color Satin Black / Avalanche Hand Right Loft 10.5 (Back-Ordered) Shaft Flex Option Graphite Regular Shaft Fujikura ATMOS TS Blue 6 (Black) - Graphite Regular (Su ... Shaft Fujikura ATMOS TS Blue 6 (Black) - Graphite Regular (Suggested Shaft) Shaft Length 1.00” SHORT (44.50") Grip Type Cobra Connect Grips Grip F9 - Lamkin - Crossline - Black (Stock Grip) Grip Options +2 WRAPS (1/32")
  10. Studio Stock 2 Putter Standard 34", 3 degs loft, 70 degs loft, standard grip. Thank you!
  11. Z585, Project X Hazardous Red 65. 9.5. 5.5 flex (regular). Standard grip, +2 wrap. Thank you!
  12. Followed on Facebook. I really need real data to work from to improve my game. Just looking at where the ball goes on the range is not enough. If you really want to improve in golf these days, you need to work with a launch monitor like the pros do.
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