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  1. So who is an "anybody but Bryson" person hanging their hat on tomorrow? Asking for a friend...gotta be JT, right?
  2. Stop what? Making an obvious observation? He has a history of drug issues..."single car accidents" are, well, single car accidents. I take no pleasure in it, it's very sad, but it also seems very clear that he has significant problems that he hasn't overcome.
  3. This post was unnecessary on my part. Regardless of what happened - and we won't know for a while - there was no reason for me to post my presumption in any case. Fell into the "hot take" trap...Will try to make sure I don't do it again.
  4. This reaction is pretty predictable every time a player dominates, or overall scores are lower than usual. It was different this year for sure for all the obvious reasons...the idea that Augusta is an "average" course is ridiculous on its face.
  5. Would've thought DJ could hit the green with a fade there...better chance to make par from bunker, I guess.
  6. Wasn't suggesting that it was "extra," but that it could have changed the dynamic at the top of the leaderboard in a big way...Smith ends up with bogey in any case, so not that big a deal after all.
  7. There's "relief", and then there's what Cam Smith just got on 5...that could change the tournament
  8. Why did they not put the groups in the normal order by score? The players that had to finish Round 1 in the morning yesterday went right back out to start their second rounds. Seems to be a bit of an advantage for the guys closer to the lead who are starting earlier when the course is still softer. Also means much less of those guys when CBS finally comes on the air, and more live golf from guys at even par. Doesn’t make sense to me.
  9. DonD

    2020 US Open

    Now they're talking about him "hypnotizing" himself...have they ever seen Jason Day's preshot routine?
  10. DonD

    2020 US Open

    Are they going to talk about "calculations" on literally every shot Bryson plays? For crying out loud, they all do "calculations" to figure out what to hit/do on most shots.
  11. DonD

    2020 US Open

    And Wolff outdrives Bryson on the first 2 holes...would you know that if you were listening and not watching?
  12. DonD

    2020 US Open

    1 drive in and already sick of hearing them react to Bryson hitting the ball...Hicks with the "full bore" reaction as Bryson hits a 275 yard drive...then Wolff hits it 25 yards past him
  13. DonD

    2020 US Open

    The Sunday fourball of 14 handicaps would have made a 6 from where he hit his drive.
  14. DonD

    2020 US Open

    To be clear, I'm not mocking Bryson's physique either, I just don't understand why people think the "Hulk" is under that golf shirt...Bryson looks a lot more like Reed under there than the Hulk (and yes, I know the Hulk is a fictional character, but you get the point).
  15. DonD

    2020 US Open

    Bryson is a lot closer to Dunkin Donuts than American Gladiator...
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