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  1. What's up everyone? Nice to see the thread still going! Only made it back to MI once this year to play (drove the 1200 miles there and back with family, ugh, would not recommend). Coming up for Thanksgiving, this time by plane....hoping things might still be open for fall golf? Maple Lane still stays open year round, right? Where else in the Rochester/Troy/Sterling Heights area is open (assuming no snow on ground)?
  2. Haven’t posted in awhile......golf where I live in TX is not as good, quality-wise even though all year is open. That said, got a Masters invite for Sunday this year. Holy cow.! I’d say to put my ashes down at Amen corner, but some greens keeper would probably sweep me up and throw me in the trash. What an amazing experience.
  3. I drove by there yesterday as well and saw quite a few people playing. I stayed dry and went to topgolf with my wife and son. Really? I just drove by it a few days back and there was snow over a fair amount of the course still. Some people need their fix I guess?
  4. It’s about on par with Bucks Run quality-wise, though I prefer BR myself and if you asked me to pick one to play I’d probably pick BR 8 times out of 10. I think I prefer the woodsy up north feel of BR. Apple Mountain is a more typical course that winds its way up a ski hill, through some forest, and then through a high end neighborhood. Just different vibes, but good golf either way? EDIT: just re-reading your post.....save yourself travel time and play either Bucks Run or Eagle Glen in Farwell. Mt. P to Freeland is probably an hour drive (don’t speed on M-20...cops, state and tribal, everywhere)
  5. In town this week, and hitting up Carl’s for a driver fitting. What are 3 drivers I absolutely must hit? I have the G400 currently.
  6. Eagle Glen in Farwell. Great course to play if you are heading north for a boys trip Currie West in Midland isn’t bad either, though one nine is better than the other.
  7. Learning to appreciate the course conditioning you have in MI. Courses down here in TX just don’t compare. I need to get out to a few of the super high end tracks to see how they are, but so far, I’m not impressed with the collection of public and private courses within 20-30 minutes from me. That said, putting is a whole heck of a lot easier...I don’t seem to get fooled as much here. It takes effort to 3-putt. On an unrelated note, I saw an Orizaba Basackwards putter in the wild today during my round. I had to do a double take when my playing partner busted it out. It didn’t help, FWIW.
  8. We did the west coast thing 2 years ago, coming from mostly central Michigan or Detroit. Thursday PM we did Eagle eye as a central starting point, Friday we played Hawkshead and Beeches. Saturday was 36 at HS, and Sunday we did 18 at Stoatin Brae. We have some cheap guys in our group so 36 at Harbor Shores cost more than we wanted, north of $150 total in late September. Stoatin Brae was a steal given it was new but 3/4 of our guys hated it. The Friday rounds were fun, mostly because we could get our drink on and not worry about blowing it on a course we paid a lot to play. There’s a thread somewhere on here where I asked for advice. Knickerbocker and others gave some great tips.
  9. Doesn't sound like your using gas. However, the most important thing is to run ethanol free gas in a generator. Any 2 or 4 cycle small engines for that matter. Ethanol creates issues with fuel lines, carbs over time. In addition, I always add Sea Foam Motor Treatment to fuel used in small engines. A cleaner and fuel stabilizer. Plus I routinely run it for a couple hours with a small load (drop light) a couple times a year, as a form of preventive maintenance. Don't want it to be difficult to start during a storm when the power goes out. One or two pulls is all that's needed to start. A Generac is a quality generator system. If one needs the wattage they provide and the requirement of turning on automatically upon the loss of power, it's the one to get. But they're rather expensive. My late FIL had a 10k watts one installed appx. 8 years ago, IIRC was ~ $15k. Overkill for his needs, but there was no deterring his wanting one installed. The task is determining the right electrical contractor to perform the install. And would perform any necessary maintenance and warranty work if required. My FIL had a warranty issue, and the contractor (HD?) was not responsive in addressing the issue. While a Generic system would be a nice to have, I use a 6500W Honda generator wired into the panel via a transfer switch. Does what it needs to do. Powers a 220v well pump, furnace, two refrigerators and a freezer, lights within the home, without the need for zoning. The only thing it labors with is turning on the A/C (tried only once, tripping the breaker). But that is not a necessity in a power outage. Have had the generator since the late 90's. Back then, we would have power outages with regularity. A clap of thunder, the power would go out. The power company has made improvements to the grid since then, do not lose power near as often as we once did. We live in a semi-rural environment. During a significant outage, we seemingly are always late in the restoration of power as the grid comes back up. We still experience extended power outages a couple times a year, of 8 hours or greater. I'll fire up the generator, after waiting an hour or so. The family starts grousing if they're off the grid much longer than that. I consider having a generator to power up the house during an outage a necessity of home ownership. Yes, it’s the ethanol added which in turn attracts water. I have used Seafoam and Sta-bil to resolve this in the past but it’s a pain. And you hope to not have to use your generator so the gas can go bad over a period of years anyway. Found this out the hard way when I tried to start my generator once after a couple year hiatus.
  10. A couple houses ago I lived in a town of roughly 50,000. We seemed to lose power for multiple day stretches at least once a year with blips here and there. What was frustrating is that my next door neighbor and everyone else down the street from there had no such issues, or at least not the same severity. What we came to find out was the power lines were laid differently in our area and basically my next door neighbor and I lived at the ends of completely different runs. Just so happened that ours featured a utility pole that frequently fell down due to weather but also drunk drivers. Had we had the money back then I for sure would have gotten a Generac. My subsequent houses, it’s more of a luxury peace of mind thing.
  11. I tried to get one at the new house I’m living in, but long story short, they pack the houses so tight that there was no room....unless I put it in the middle of my back yard, so close to a pool that kids would jump off it I’m sure. Would have cost $15-17K too. Ended up getting a 7500 W dual fuel generator (runs on gasoline or a propane tank like you use for grilling) from Costco for $800, a transfer switch from HD for $600, and an electrician for $600 to hook it all up. Now basically all I need to do is fire up the generator, flip the transfer switch and enjoy power. Also if I use propane I don’t have to worry about the gas additives corroding tue generator. The downside is that I can’t power everything but in an outage, I can get the necessities. It’s simple enough my wife can turn it on too.
  12. Learning to smoke (food). Recently added a Traeger to the arsenal. I have been doing the same. I have always done ribs and pork shoulders on my Weber Kettle, but finally stepped up to a Weber Smokey Mountain for dedicated smoking. I have done a Turkey and Brisket which were really good and now have moved into some different things. I made smoked Pistachios, Deviled Eggs, and Kielbasa over the Christmas holiday. I am wanting to try my hand at Bacon. I’m trying to figure out the brisket thing. I’m getting better at it, but still not quite where I want it. I think I honestly just need more time, which is crazy! I did cookies on my Traeger over Christmas. Those were amazing...definitely could tell a difference versus oven baked. Thinking of doing an apple or blueberry pie at some point too.
  13. I haven’t bought a new club in 6 months and not really interested in any of the new gear. Where do I turn in my WRX card? That said, I am enjoying the time away from the BST....well mostly the selling side. That was always a pain.
  14. Never ever shop UPS unless you have to. It will always be your most expensive option.
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