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  1. This amounts to picking the fly s&#t from the pepper.
  2. It’s the same shaft as in the new Ten models. Grey color, stiffer and less steel. It’s a rolling change as of mid-March.
  3. I called Callaway before ordering a Las Vegas H7 to see if any changes were coming. I was told the new Stroke Lab shaft was the biggest change. I didn’t ask about new models because my heart is set on the Las Vegas H7.
  4. Diamana DF, Tensei Pro White 1K and Kuro Kage XD all fit the bill.
  5. Depends a several things to do with your swing and the shaft itself.
  6. Did a quick peak at GettyImages. He’s playing TSi3 driver and TSi2 fairway.
  7. I dropped from TPW 60S to TPW 50S with great results. So much easier to swing within myself yet aggressively and the shaft loads and unloads beautifully.
  8. Ventus Black is a stout shaft. Very Whiteboard in nature. The Rogue White 130 in comparison is a smooth bending easy loading Blueboard shaft with mild counter balance. Both great shaft in their own right.
  9. Most of the Okanagan area courses open mid to late April. It takes until mid-May for the courses to really dry out a good bit after the winter snow melts.
  10. The Austin and OG #7S are sweet! I wish the retail 7’s had a topline instead of dots.
  11. We’re talking about 1.21 mph difference in ball speed between the Epic Max LS, Epic Max, Epic Speed, SIM2 and SIM2 Max. It’s not nothing but what it translates to on the course is what matters most.
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