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  1. I would be surprised if the new line wasn’t adjustable. Gotta keep up with the likes of Ping, TM and Titleist that offer adjustable fairways and hybrids.
  2. The Forged 4i is awesome. I get plenty of height off the fairway and carry it 200 consistently. I get a smidge more off the tee. The PW and GW are awesome. Nice tidy proportions with minimal offset. The sole is slender without being too thin or too thick for my shallow swing. They feel great! I chip with them, I pitch with them and I bump and run wit them. I loved the Tours. They are as close as I have found to my old MP32’s feel. Despite LOVING the Tour, I went Forged and I have zero regrets.
  3. There was no Red in the Smoke line.
  4. Maybe the next generation balls will have a less pronounced seam.
  5. Funny how Titleist does not believe in assigning a swing speed or handicap to their balls yet so many golfers still do.
  6. Would you feel the same way if these out performed the TM offerings in every way except looks?
  7. I’m confused; why post a link to info about the outgoing 2019 balls? I believe the question was about the 2021 balls.
  8. Every ball has a trade off. Play what you feel performs best for your game. I like the 2020 CS. It works well for me in all areas. I’ve played my most consistent golf with what’s in my bag at this moment in time.
  9. The Modus 105 and 125 are Nippon’s DG comparable shaft. If you’ve played any of the DG shafts, you may get along well with Modus 105. Much like DG, any swing style or tempo can play the shaft.
  10. eBay or Amazon is where I would start my search.
  11. All depends when the shaft was built. About 3 years ago, Rayon was dropped and replaced by Chemical.
  12. On Safari the load more content button cycles me back to the top of the page without loading more content or stating there is no more unread content.
  13. I think you’ll find aside from EI curve differences, the Diamana has more premium materials in it vs the RIPx.
  14. The word on the Cameron site is this is 2021 Futura model. The aluminum Phantom models flopped and Scotty is going back to the original solid face/body Futura X5 plan from 2013. Besides, previous X7/7M models all have aluminum face/sole to keep weight in check so I don’t believe this is any unreleased proto.
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