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  1. @Shinogolf, you may not realize it, @Stuart_G and @Valtiel are wealths of club fitting knowledge. True experts IMHO. Other members have offered help too and you dismiss it all. I don’t understand your resistance to the advice and information being offered.
  2. I believe the W is for Wood. As is wood adapter. On Callaway tips I have there’s a letter under the cogs. My hybrid adapter has an H under the cogs. Putting the W where the dash normally is saves hunting under the cogs to determine what adapter you have.
  3. I think shaft length plays a more of a role than ball position. A 5i is going to be swung more shallowly than a PW regardless of ball position which is why 5i typically has less bounce than the PW.
  4. https://www.tourspecgolf.com/fujikura-speeder-nx-shaft.html
  5. You close your own ad. Should be a drop down menu that allows you to close or lock the ad.
  6. Look back a couple pages, there’s links to each model and their Japan specs.
  7. Turf contact before ball producing better numbers is an interesting concept that’s going to be hard to prove. I’d call it a fat shot. As a shallow swinger of the club, I am far more prone to thin shots than fat shots. As Ian of TXG says, shallow swingers have their low point closer to the ball. Here’s a great video that shows how a shallow swinger can be fit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8hwRiAli5s
  8. The question bouncing around in my head is whether the Las Vegas H7 will continue or will the H7 neck be dropped for a true slant neck like the Atlanta pictured.
  9. Price drop on the head $350. Prices on the extra weight and shafts are unchanged. I am open to offers. Still no trades.
  10. If you zoom in you can see “Apex” on the sole.
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