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  1. TPB and ZF both have boron tip sections. The reason I would tip a ZF is to mellow out the kick it gives a touch. It is more active in the middle of the shaft than TPB (in my hands anyway) which messes with my timing. TB just feels like it loads in a smooth uniform fashion without a hinge through the swing. The active nature of ZF is why I moved back to TPB. I also play TB 70S untipped in driver and get fantastic numbers but put the TB 60S in untipped and I am right back to where I am with ZF; it's too smooth, too active and "laggy" through the ball. I've settled on the TPB 60S untipped a
  2. There's a thread going on the 2021 Epic line filled with reviews. The Max LS is the closest of the Epic line to your old GGB Epic SZ. You could always look at a Mavrik SZ head. It has the 2 weight ports like your GGB Epic SZ.
  3. I have spent a good bit of time with a ZF. If I were to put it back in play in 60G Stiff, I would definitely tip it 1/2” to tighten it up a bit since it has a bit more kick than I like in a driver shaft.
  4. The material recipe is the same for every shaft. I found the 60S to be super smooth too and I was told tipping it 1/2” would tighten it up. This is probably what you’ll need to do. I found the 70S to be better suited for my swing but my familiarity with TPB keeps it in the bag.
  5. Looking at pics on Getty Images, the grip isn’t sharpied. Black and grey and probably Tour only or custom.
  6. The MMT feels more stout and less “hingey” vs the AV Blue but numbers were very similar.
  7. I won't go as far as to say the Elevate Tour is smoother than a Modus shaft (see my signature) however I will say they are much less crisp than a DG or DG 120. If I had to play a True Temper product, the Elevate Tour S300 or Elevate ETS 115 Stiff. I never saw a big increase in launch, peak height or spin with Elevate vs any other shaft I tested. The shaft is a nice alternative to DG without radical changes in performance.
  8. This exactly. Look at Tour use of X7 around the world. It’s a really small number compared to X100 or equivalent flex shafts.
  9. I got faster by swinging and by increasing my flexibility.
  10. The biggest difference I have found between the 2019 and 2021 Pro V1 is the new dimple design handles the wind better.
  11. That is one classy understated putter! I love that it's not tarted up with gaudy multi-color paintfill or a barrage of stamps.
  12. It's a problem I would happily be saddled with...
  13. I would rank Ventus Black stiffest overall, then DF with its tiny kick and most active was ZF. For me spin was within 150 rpm but launch increased slightly as the profile got more active.
  14. Callaway has 16G and 20G weights available. Your local shop can order them.
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