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  1. Did the clubs tested have the stickers on them? If they didn’t, I wouldn’t completely trust the club data.
  2. I was told by my local Pro that is a Callaway staffer that the TD will be part of the initial release. But with the way supply chain is currently, I could see a delay in the TD’s release.
  3. I’m currently loving the 1K in my driver. I’m quite fond of the Diamana TB in my driver too. It’s starting to feel like my wallet is going to be a little lighter….
  4. This info was sent to me ages ago. Sounds like there will be more weights and more than just TX flex (there’s a White 60 Regular flex on eBay).
  5. Smoother than 1K is saying something! What are your feelings on Kai’li Blue?
  6. The Kai’li White is smoother than 1K? Or did you mean Kai’li Blue?
  7. I hope Shinogolf isn’t too torqued about being wrong! Lol
  8. From what I have heard, blade length only, the 225 will be most similar to the 921F. If you like 921F but would like an iron with similar materials in a smaller head size, 223 is your ticket. If you look at the current MP and JPX models blade length/sole width, the MP models are smaller than the corresponding JPX model. MP 20 MB is smaller than 921T and so on. Expect the same pattern to continue.
  9. I think they’ve been removed by a moderator due to embargo dates. There are pics of the Daytona in the Tour section. https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1832122-odyssey-putters-2021-tour-championship/page/2/
  10. This Rory McElroy is suck a poser! He's gaming everything Rory McIlroy games!
  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ventus iron shafts are on the way. It seems like a natural progression for the Ventus line.
  12. I think MCA is going to be bringing the heat for the 2022 season. The Kai’li refresh and this Phene’d shaft surely have Ventus locked in their sights.
  13. Very similar profile to Ventus Blue.
  14. MMT Hybrid shafts are excellent shafts. For me I get a nice mid to mid-high flight with plenty of spin. As much as I love hitting the ball high with my hybrids, I can also hit them pretty flat to cheat the wind or more commonly stay beneath tree limbs. They are really solid shafts in all regards and they don’t break the bank.
  15. I believe these are Japan only MP-55 replacements.
  16. LZ has been an offering for ages. Maybe PX LS is coming in to replace C Taper.
  17. Try the current X and X LS. They ain’t no slouch vs Titleist or TM.
  18. @Shinogolf, you may not realize it, @Stuart_G and @Valtiel are wealths of club fitting knowledge. True experts IMHO. Other members have offered help too and you dismiss it all. I don’t understand your resistance to the advice and information being offered.
  19. I believe the W is for Wood. As is wood adapter. On Callaway tips I have there’s a letter under the cogs. My hybrid adapter has an H under the cogs. Putting the W where the dash normally is saves hunting under the cogs to determine what adapter you have.
  20. I think shaft length plays a more of a role than ball position. A 5i is going to be swung more shallowly than a PW regardless of ball position which is why 5i typically has less bounce than the PW.
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