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  1. This sound interesting to me too. Did your brother use a service to rent his house or did club at ibis handle it?
  2. I’ve walked in both and I’d say the pro SL is the more comfortable shoe for walking. That said I’d think about waiting for the new Permier series or traditions series to drop in January and February and see if they fit the bill. Premier look like a more cushioned icon.
  3. On the Instagram today noticed some new shoes that DJ was wearing on the range. Was posted by Claude Harmon iii and wanted to know if anyone has any info on these.
  4. Average?? Seriously! Course played completely different from an April date and Dustin flat out played his butt off.
  5. DJ is def gonna be a boring interview once he’s crowned, but props for just killing it yesterday and this back 9. Champions dinner might be sandwiches since they are his favorite part of the tourney lol
  6. anyone have any thought on if theyll be droping some new kicks for the Masters. anychance of a jordan masters drop?
  7. Jorge Parada posted pic of new driver yesterday. Looks pretty sweet!!
  8. TSi2 and TSi3 up on the conforming club list but pic of TSi2 unavailable. Can’t wait to see them In Person!
  9. Looked to be the new Icons that are rumored for release in January. Poulter and Thomas have worn them a few times too.
  10. I’ve played project X almost exclusively and I have to say Stuart_G is spot on with flexes, but if you are looking for a mid to high trajectory then project X LZ would most likely be the shaft in the project x family that you’re looking for.
  11. Great article! I did see in the flight scope manual on the website that there is a tripod attachment point and didn’t see that in your comparison. Have you used the unit on a tripod? Any benefit if you have.
  12. I would have to say you’re prob better off finding the right aftermarket insole for you foot type. Whilst you have a high instep you may benefit from an insole that has more support in the arch as well.
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