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  1. I own the elevado model, and have been very impressed with it. The face is very stable, it seems to stay on it's intended path better than other putters Ive tried. This might have be the forward weighting, perhaps. I removed the stock grip almost immediately and use superstroke gtr 2 grip instead.
  2. Great compact 7 style mallet. It has an impressively stable feel. Through prior experience I was always going to dump the heavy lamkin grip, and after a process of elimination, have settled on a superstroke pistol 2.0. Nicked a quarter inch off it to make it 34.75. I'm playing three rounds in the next four days, so the proof is to come. Loving it putting at home.. I think a lot of people will like it in the flesh. It looks to be a really nice putter. Regards If I can get a clue, I will add a couple of photos fwiw
  3. Don't overlook the Mornington Peninsula, east of Melbourne while you are here. The Dunes. ST Andrew's Beach. Portsea, Sorrento.. There's lots of great golf near Melbourne.
  4. ..or just get them on the shaft, use a hairdyer to warm them, and push them on with the clubhead.
  5. I can't see his irons being knocked so far off.. calling bs
  6. They look short heel to toe, like the mb1's/razr mb; a point of difference from the other mbs on the market.. Or maybe I am just hoping they are..
  7. Just ordered a set of 125x 3 to pw to install in my Callaway proto/ '13 xforged irons. I am currently alternating between x100 ss and the old Rifle flighted 6.5 in these clubs; Rifle are straighter but half a club shorter than the x100 for me. Both sets suit my late release. I think I will end up soft stepping once, but will try them straight in in a couple of clubs first up. I can't wait for them to arrive, thanks to all, particularly Mark, for so much information in this thread. Wish me luck!
  8. Immediately made me think of Ernie Els. Thanks for the share.
  9. It wouldn't surprise me that DJ's brother is a bum.
  10. Loving mine with Soft stepped x100, I also have the tour authentic protos in the same setup. The xforged are a little more forgiving, and easier to elevate with the long irons. I can't see a reason to change them out of the bag.
  11. Callaway tour authentic protos for me, quad dot, which are the same as the razr mb. Love em.
  12. Hmmm... Provocative title, food for thought.... scratches goatee... Hmmmm...
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