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  1. Haha, I was thinking the same thing
  2. Correct. Sam’s S2S is completely different from the old one. It’s a very valid way to make a golf swing.
  3. Winner winner chicken dinner. First person to ever ask
  4. Been using mine for just over two years. Easily the best putter I’ve ever used. I hear all kinds of comments from people I play with concerning their own putting. “I pulled that one, or I pushed that one.” Virtually impossible with the Ace Acculock. Never made as many 6-15 footers as I do now. The “feel” is ok, not great. But when you make putts it makes up for it. Love it love it love it. It’s in the bag indefinitely
  5. Cobra driver has been SOLD Next I have a Franklin tempo trainer. It's 48 inches long... brand new, never used. It's virtually identical to the Orange Whip. To be honest, I don't know what the difference is, if any. $45 shipped to your door. No trades please...
  6. Two training aids up for grabs - Matzie Assist Swing Trainer - $45 shipped to your door Medicus Speed Whoosh- $40 shipped to your door. Take both for $75 shipped.
  7. Excellent condition Radius Roll Money putter. 41 inches long - arm lock style. Very soft feeling and great roll... it's not going to replace my Ace Acculock because I'm just too used to putting with my Ace and the unique method of putting with it. Instead of collecting dust I'd rather see someone use it. It really feels great. I bought this new on Ebay - I just used the same pictures because it was easier and I only used it one round. No head cover. $115 shipped to CONUS.
  8. You are dead on correct. I live here in America and we are a drug dependent country. It's sick. We take more prescription drugs than the next 10 countries COMBINED. I'm 54 with 2 herniated discs and a partially torn achilles/achilles tendinitis. I take zero per week. No prescription meds either.
  9. Spinal decompression works very well in my experience. Your chiropractor might have a table for that... if not.. find one that does.
  10. I use Four More Yards tees. No, I don't believe they give me four more yards. But without a doubt, it will give you the same exact height every time. And they last forever. I play 80-100 rounds a year and use 2 or 3 of these tees per year. Best tee on the market IMO.
  11. Im not 100% certain since it was 5 years ago... but I believe this is the first mat I had for my simulator room. I did not like it at all. If you hit just a little behind the ball or obviously, way behind it... the club would grab "too much". It would really just kill the shot. Borderline pain causing... that's how "thick" it felt and grabbed the club. Regular mats at a typical driving range are the opposite of course... hit behind the ball and the clubs kinda just slides across it. So after much research and keeping cost in mind, I ended up with this mat. I think it's the perfect blend..
  12. Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP wedge set 54 and 58 degree. KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 shaft in both wedges. Brand new Golf Pride New Decade Multi Compound grips. Would prefer to sell these together for easier shipping. Will break up if possible. $85 obo shipped CONUS for both wedges. Cleveland Huntington Beach #1 putter. 34 inches with Golf Pride Tour SNSR grip. $55 obo shipped CONUS.
  13. First up is a mint condition (only used one round) Bridgestone Tour B JGR Driver with stiff flex Recoil shaft. 10.5 degrees. No head cover. I really wanted to play this driver as I love the Recoil shafts in my Bridgestone irons. Driver feels good, it's plenty long but there are 2 issues with it (for my game). This driver launches relatively high... and definitely wants to go right to left. So if you are the type of player who needs more launch and fights a slice... this driver could be your ticket. Unfortunaley, my miss is more of a hook and I already launch high. $140 obo shipped to yo
  14. 10 dozen, $120 shipped to your door Priority Mail. Would trade for other new balls, prefer Srixon Q Star Tours but might consider others. Stay safe
  15. Callaway Steelhead XR iron set. 4-A w/ Recoil shaft in regular flex. Standard L/L/L. Grips are Royal leather - standard size. No trades please. Asking $300 shipped. Feel free to make offer as well. Thanks for looking and be safe.
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