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  1. That's crazy you were playing when the fire started. We drove by it, and I told my wife the same thing, some idiot probably smoking and chucked their cigarette into the weeds. I went to Northern California when the fires were raging, and smoking outdoors was completely banned. Every course, rightfully so, lectured you when you checked in not to smoke out there. Probably need something like that in Colorado right now.
  2. Which ranges are on grass? I know CG but you need a tee time to use the range. I've been to Applewood and Fossil Trace but they're still on mats.
  3. That's price gouging for Memorial Day, wow!
  4. Raccoon Creek sounds like they have a good system for the range. Currently Applewood range is open but it is off mats. Their system is to call and reserve a 30 minute slot and the balls are already there from one emloyee, so you don't have to touch anything. Will Hyland Hills range be open too? I'm wondering if Legacy and Walnut will open soon too. I could see Legacy practice area being closed and Walnut's open. Just saw an article from Golf Digest say golf is extremely low risk, lol. Who would have thought?
  5. Super bummed that the USGA announced they canceled local qualifying for US Open. On the bright side, I'll be getting my entry fee back for the Four Ball qualifier which took place all the way back in the first week of October lol. Looks like it will only be casual rounds until probably mid May, is my best guess.
  6. Fees, I believe, are in the $125-$150 range. The cool part about the GC am tour is the majors, where you can travel to locations and play tournaments at nice courses. Those events are more but sometimes the entry fee is actually lower than the standard green fee.
  7. I've done GC am tour and it's good. There is a lot of competition in the Hogan and Palmer flights. Everyone is friendly and talkative. The obnoxious angry golfer is few and far between. However, if you're a champ flight guy, some of the tournaments had no one sign up. So I didn't play too much last year. Also if you're a scratch flight guy, the CGA points events are the ones you'll want to do as they're two day events with a lot of the fees go to prizes.
  8. Walnut Creek has been open since last Wednesday. The range and course.
  9. Gear, I'm hoping to figure out a putter and stroke to stick with. Also experimenting with the TM Original One as my driver and fairway wood in one. I like the versatility but it is not forgiving at all. Trips, hoping to get to Bandon again and play Sheep Ranch. Looking at Payne's Valley as well in MO. After that, not sure, really just want to play a lot of courses in the State. Goal is to make it to one of the USGA championships. Realistically the Mid-Am but feel like the Am is doable for me as well with US Open a long shot/pipe dream lol. Other than that, shoot under par more often.
  10. The range is relatively larger than most and no it doesn't get as much use as others. For example Legacy Ridge is owned and operated by the same municipality, and it gets a lot of use and is smaller, so there is no way it could be on grass all year. It also helps City of Westminster has one of the best Supers.
  11. I think Legacy and Walnut will both be open. They're open usually when a lot of other courses are closed. I really appreciate that Walnut keeps their range on grass all year long. It keeps my wrists from injury.
  12. Curious if the 'Rose Protos' and the 'MP-20s' were part of the shotmakers testing. I'm looking at the 919Ts as I have had the 900Ts for two years now but hit both of the two I previously mentioned and loved the feel. Since hitting irons outside or on the course before buying is nearly impossible, relying on data of how irons compare from one to the other is something I rely on heavily and not just trusting the indoor flight data.
  13. How did Riverdale look? Still a lot of snow on the course? I played Walnut today for a quick nine and there is still a lot of now out there but I didn't think any courses would be open again for a while, so I was just happy to get out. I guess they've been open since this past weekend.
  14. > @brianhorne8 said: > > @"seven dewey" said: > > Friday/Saturday are shaping up to be good looking golf days > > I'm really hoping it's gone Friday. Would love to crank out nine somewhere. Anyone know if any ranges look like they'll be open tomorrow? Would love to hit a bucket tomorrow. Also anyone tried Pure Golf in Applewood? They're near my house and offer 24 hour access memberships for indoor practice. May look into Striker Golf to if anyone has info.
  15. > @"seven dewey" said: > Is this stuff going to melt by Saturday? Have an afternoon tee time at Bear Dance. Looking like it will. I bet some courses will be open tomorrow afternoon.
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