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  1. I live in Golden, used to live in Arvada. Thanks for the links!
  2. Also, I'll probably get vaccinated soon because they're requiring it for my kids indoor sports now. Only exemptions for allowing you in, if you've had covid in last 90 days after a negative test, or a recent negative test. Also, I heard my smell might come back from the vaccine, at least that is what others are reporting. May go with Johnson and Johnson for the one shot lol. The blood clot thing is odd, in that they paused administrating it. Odds are 1M to 1 and they're all women which is relevant considering blood clots are 1K to 1 when taking birth control...
  3. How has your residual affects been? I had Covid in November during the huge wave. My symptoms were minor but afterwards I had inflammation of the heart. I didn't get checked out or anything but I could tell because my heart rate would be really high while sitting on the couch. Fortunately, it's something that improves on its own. I didn't feel comfortable doing anything physically until 7-8 weeks after having the virus. Which resulted in unsightly weight gain lol. The other issues I've had, my smell hasn't completely come back and my feet still hurt from time to time. Anyway, hopefully you don
  4. I was in Phoenix at the end of March, so I went to their location at Raven golf course.
  5. I would also look into dropping off at Lenny's. I get most of my stuff from them as well as any club work.
  6. For the actual CGA events, you'll need to sign up for a qualifier to get into the actual events. The Four-ball probably needs a qualifier at this point but it's open to any two guys who have a single digit handicap and want to make a team.
  7. I'll need to check that out. Both greens had serious issues when it rained.
  8. I was in the CG men's club last year. I joined because all the tournaments I was going to play in got canceled. It was fun but it was too hard to get into tournaments etc. So I didn't join this year. On another note. I signed up for the CGA four-ball tournament, the second day registration opened, and we're 16th on the waitlist...It wouldn't be so aggravating if all the teams were probably going to be competitive. However, it looks like there are only 15 teams that will be competitive out of 52, with 5-6 with a chance to win. We were three shots out of the playoff last year.
  9. Nice pics! I miss that place. Loved The Cradle. My buddy and I drank quite a bit while playing in the late afternoon plus putting on Thistle Dhu course. My only gripe with No. 4 was I thought a couple of the greens were unfair to hit approach shots into. Namely the two par 5s they turned into 4s for The Am. You can't hold those two greens. Never got to play Dormie as they had just punched when I was there. No. 2 is just brutal but an absolute blast.
  10. I looked around on here about the shaft. Supposedly, it's really close to the BB-7 and 9003x and might be a combo. I'm emailing the fitter to find out for sure, lol.
  11. It was outside. I was in Phoenix for the fitting. They had more heads to hit than other places in Denver that do outside fittings.
  12. All three should be open. Probably all three will be off mats.
  13. Not sure if there is a big difference in heads from last year but this is the first year I really wanted to hit Titleist because of the spin reduction and buzz on tour, especially from non sponsored players. I believe the shaft is probably the orange GD DI but whatever it is, it’s awesome.
  14. I would agree to an extent. The big thing was hitting my driver first. We saw exactly what I was seeing on trackman indoors. So I felt comfortable with the numbers I was seeing with other drivers etc. along with the ball flight. The only place to hit premium balls that I know of, is with the Titleist rep. They’re not doing fittings until late April. I didn’t want to wait because I want a driver in hand to start the tournament season. I’ll probably do a fitting with Titleist to find a fairway wood or driving iron and verify then.
  15. Well, I got fitted at True Spec yesterday and loved the experience. Didn’t hit premium balls but overall it was eye opening. I knew I was over spinning my current gamer and ball speed was down. Anyway, long story short I have a new driver on the way! I didn’t necessarily want one on the way but the consistency of the TSi4 was incredible. Got to hit All the brands but after I hit the TSi4, I literally would hit two to three drives with other heads and we knew I was wasting my time lol. Also ended up in their shaft made by graphite design. Pretty cool they have a shaft made for them by GD.
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