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  1. I guess it is all in what you want/expect and what you are willing to pay. A transaction with Artisan builds a relationship with the company that never ends. I know that I can go see John any time I have an issue with my putter and that issue will get handled as quickly as possible. I was at the shop last week getting my wedges blasted and talked a little shop with John on my putter and stroke. We looked at the grip to make sure it was aligned and then went thru "John's basics" and found the issue in my awful putting stroke causing a consistent left miss. All that for free because I am a Artisan customer. May not be worth that cash to those that can't get to Fort Worth on a whim. To me, what I paid for my putter (and wedges) was some of the best money I have spent on golf.
  2. Just my list of my most fun courses... Cabot Cliffs - Inverness, Nova Scotia (heading said AMERICA, not the United States) Sand Hollow Championship Course - Hurricane, UT Caledonia - Pawley' Island, SC Cottonwood Valley - Las Colinas, TX Any course I'm on with my brother and/or my buddies.
  3. On your list... Reed as much as I don't like that guy at all. In reality? Cantlay. He just came out of the forge that was the BMW and the Tour Championship standing tall at the end. His will to win can't be questioned right now.
  4. I was in the 7:48am threesome. At some point we will meet. And WC was fantastic. Those greens...
  5. Just these. Everything else is fair game... all the time...
  6. A. Artisan B. Wedges do not match irons yet. When the Artisan hybrid muscle-back irons are available they will. Until then, I'll keep playing my Mizuno JPX919 Forged irons. C. P-46 (Mizuno), 50/54/58 (Artisan) D. 50 & 54 - standard Artisan grind for bermuda, 58 - Mike's dual proto grind - amazing for sand and flop shots E. TT DG S300 - hope to move to Modus 105s when I change irons
  7. Grip6 belts are my go-to for golf. Lots of strap colors but no white (as it should be). Lots of buckles. No "touch of leather" on the straps tho.
  8. A PGA Tour Superstore just opened a couple miles from home, and they had a few SM C130-s bags. I've been waiting for those to become available as my SM 4.5LS is getting a little old. Bought one yesterday. My first 14 (really 15) way bag. I loaded the bag with my clubs, but the bag on the Rovic and immediately hated it. Returned the bag about an hour after I bought it. How do you guys ever get a club in or out of those little bitty openings? Now I'm looking for a unicorn. A larger cart type bag with a stand mechanism like SM where the bag itself doesn't "bend" to deploy the legs, and a 4 way or 6 way top. The Mizuno Tour 6 stand bag may be the bag I'm looking for, but I cannot find one to look at in person.
  9. Any color as long as it doesn't have a harsh reflection back up to my face in bright sun.
  10. Just from my own personal experience. Picked up the putter from John back in April, at which time he told me to immediately contact him if I had ANY issues with the putter build or a consistent miss. I am actually going to the shop this afternoon to pick up my wedges from a face blast and I'm hoping to talk to John because I have a consistent miss just left of the hole - a slight pull for some reason. Could be the grip? Could be the swing? I know it feels like I am aimed dead center on my line. I truly believe if there is anything he can do to tweak the putter he will do it. If it is a stroke or alignment issue, he'll help with that as well. That's how I know what I'm getting. (I hope this didn't come off smarmy or anything... not meant to...)
  11. Wolf Creek in Mesquite, NV. Have played it four times now. The last time was October, 2020. Swore I'd never go back. Seemed like we were out there for weeks. Crazy beautiful golf course that everyone should play once, but it is just off the charts in difficulty. The Dye Course at French Lick is the hardest "fair" golf course I've ever played. Truly a mind-f for the eyes. A great caddy would help get you through the 18. If you are on your own, and don't know the aiming points... good luck
  12. My brother lives up in Halifax. With the Canadian border finally re-opening (at least for now), I thought I should take the opportunity to get up that way and see him and his family before they shut the borders back down. We spent most of the time just around Halifax (lots of rain), but for two magical days, we drove northwest and played Bell Bay and Cabot Cliffs. Bell Bay was a lovely course. We had sunny skies but 30+mph winds. It was a rough day. I haven't pulled pictures from Bell Bay yet to share. The next day we drove from Baddeck over to Inverness and played Cabot Cliffs. If this course isn't on your bucket list it should be. Wednesday, Sept 8, 2021 Weather - perfect - sunny, no clouds, 70 degrees, 10mph winds off the ocean. Players - just me and my brother. The twosome that was supposed to join us was late to the 1st tee and our caddy said "Let's go!" and we did. PERFECT. Caddy - Ask for Wesley. He was awesome. Course - I've played a lot of places, more than some, less than others, and I've never stepped foot on a course as nice as Cabot Cliffs. From tee to green, the course was immaculate. I could murder you with pics. The pace of play was perfect. We walked casually and still finished in 4 hours and 10 minutes. Never really saw the group in front of us and never saw the group behind us. It was almost like we had the course to ourselves. I think I took around 70 pics during the round. Here is just a few. 2nd hole - short par 4 Par 3 4th playing to the "Upper" green Par 3 9th hole Par 3 14th hole Par 5 15th hole from the fairway Par 5 18th hole from the tees The 19th hole. 18 green and fairway behind. This is the place to be after a perfect round of golf.
  13. Never did the stay and play. Had friends with cabins on Fork. I always liked that course. If the wind is blowing watch out. The peninsula holes will eat you alive.
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