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  1. WAY off topic, but I kill myself daily for not buying the Dude covers when Seamus had them out. Obviously I'm not a golfer...
  2. Try the Golf Pride Pro Only cord putter grip. I have one on my Artisan and love it. https://www.golfpride.com/grips/pro-only-cord/
  3. Have a V2 paired with a Rovic RV1S and I love it. Was an early backer in the V2 funding so got my set up pretty cheap. I've played probably 100 rounds with the set up since August 2020 and have zero complaints. I haven't tried the TFS so I cannot speak for it. I use the remote exclusively. I don't know anything about a sale, but if you can get it cheaper do it.
  4. I used to do this. The back won't let me carry any longer so I bought a set o eWheels for my pusher. Now I have a caddy every round. Golf is so much more enjoyable this way.
  5. Out of those three options I would choose the top one. Putter in the top middle well by itself. Driver top right. (maybe switch putter and driver depending on how they end up lining up in the bag) 3w and 3h top left. 4i, 5i, 6i middle right. 7i, 8i, 9i middle left. PW, 50, 54 58 in the bottom well. I just picked up a Vessel Player 3.0 6-way top and my setup is similar... Putter and driver top right, 3w & 3h top left, with the rest the same down the bag (splitting the wedges in the bottom two wells).
  6. Install one of the Bag Boy accessory bags under your push cart handle. I put one on my Rovic RV1S and use it for snacks and my range finder. Fit the Rovic perfectly. https://www.bagboy.com/collections/bag-boy-accessories/products/accessory-bag-compact-3-express-dlx-pro
  7. I use a Vessel Player 3.0 stand bag or SM LS4.5 stand bag on a Rovic RV1S cart with a set of eWheels V2 motorized wheels pushing the whole thing. Have used this setup for about 100 rounds with zero issues. Like having a caddy every round.
  8. Haven't been on Tierra Verde in probably at least two months. Walked the front this afternoon. Nobody in front of me. Nobody behind. Played 2 balls solo and took my time - healing up some plantar fasciitis. Was just in awe of how good the conditions were (other than tee boxes - those need some work). May be the fastest I've ever seen these usually slow greens. Walked the front for $14. Like stealing. Waterchase this last Saturday... immaculate. Those greens may be the best local public greens I've been on this year. Like putting on glass.
  9. Feel is all relative... I have played and sworn by Mizunos for the last 20+ years. They are butter. When you strike them well, it's like you didn't hit a thing. One of my golf buddies grabbed a new set of PXG 0311P gen2 irons since PXG was basically giving them away. I just had to hit one. 160 yard par 3 over water. Grabbed his 8 iron. Flushed it and stuck it to about 6 feet. I have to admit that the PXG felt as good as or better than my JPX919 forged irons. Wish I had never swung that club. Now I have a set in my shopping cart online. Just cannot make myself push the button.
  10. The club in the hot seat is 3 hybrid (19*). When I hit it I kill it, but those hits are few and far between.
  11. I guess it is all in what you want/expect and what you are willing to pay. A transaction with Artisan builds a relationship with the company that never ends. I know that I can go see John any time I have an issue with my putter and that issue will get handled as quickly as possible. I was at the shop last week getting my wedges blasted and talked a little shop with John on my putter and stroke. We looked at the grip to make sure it was aligned and then went thru "John's basics" and found the issue in my awful putting stroke causing a consistent left miss. All that for free because I am a Artisan customer. May not be worth that cash to those that can't get to Fort Worth on a whim. To me, what I paid for my putter (and wedges) was some of the best money I have spent on golf.
  12. Just my list of my most fun courses... Cabot Cliffs - Inverness, Nova Scotia (heading said AMERICA, not the United States) Sand Hollow Championship Course - Hurricane, UT Caledonia - Pawley' Island, SC Cottonwood Valley - Las Colinas, TX Any course I'm on with my brother and/or my buddies.
  13. On your list... Reed as much as I don't like that guy at all. In reality? Cantlay. He just came out of the forge that was the BMW and the Tour Championship standing tall at the end. His will to win can't be questioned right now.
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