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  1. I just bought a Clubglove Last Bag today to replace my broken hard sided travel case. Golf trip in three weeks. The hard case lasted for a total of six golf trips before the latching mechanism completely broke on the last flight TO our destination. Getting it home was so lucky... The hard case was always a pain in the @ss fitting into the rental vehicles, the hotels/condos, and storing at home. You don't need the stiff arm if you buy a hard case. Definitely need the stiff arm if you buy a soft sided case. I looked at the Clubglove back when I bought the hard case. Should have just spent good money once rather than twice now.
  2. #16? at Pine Dunes Golf Course in Frankston, TX. I took the photo after holing out my 2nd shot from the fairway while the guys were putting out. I have been playing golf with these guys for almost 30 years now, and I consider myself lucky to get to hang out with them every time we play.
  3. If you want cheap but still playable, get a dozen MG golf C4 balls for $19.99. 3 piece urethane balls that actually play very well.
  4. I played the Mizuno MX-20s for about 15 years. Only put them aside because I got the newest Mizzys at the time - JPX919 forged. Get the Mizunos. You won't be disappointed.
  5. Artisans. The hype is real. Went from Clevelands to Mizunos to Artisans. I have never hit ANY club that felt as good as these wedges.
  6. Tour BX and Tour BRX - really can't tell one from the other.
  7. An Artisan wedge. Buy one. Hit it, then find more cash to fill out the set.
  8. Waterchase was great Saturday. Greens were green, receptive, and lightning fast. Just need the fairways to green out. Lies weren't bad but hitting off of freshly mowed green grass is just better.
  9. Golf Pride Pro Only green star gray cord grip because it is comfortable in the hands.
  10. Was playing a TM M3 driver and really hitting it well. Bought last year's Sim off the bay on a whim. Wanted to see if the hype was real. It was. Sim is in the bag for CHEAP. Just moved my HZRDUS smoke shaft from the M3 to the Sim. Did not like the HZRDUS yellow that came with the Sim at all.
  11. Picked up my Artisan wedges today. Who buddy, are these things pure :)
  12. If you are driving to Mesquite to play a round, play Conastoga. We've played it a few times now on our trips to St. George and really enjoy it MUCH more than Wolf Creek. Wolf Creek is all flash. Conestoga was a really great golf experience. You will really enjoy the Sand Hollow Championship course. Probably my favorite course overall. Just really fun to play and beautiful to look at. We usually book 36 holes in a day on this one when we play it. One round just isn't enough. Copper Rock was fun. Greens are new, hard, and fast - or at least they were last October. We plan on playing it again on our next trip out.
  13. Played Fossil Creek Saturday. What has happened to that course? Greens were ROCK hard and so untrue as to bump bump bump a 2 footer off line by a whole cup. Love the layout, but probably won't be back again before summer or fall when we are just tired of our other mainstays. I'm not sure it's in condition to charge $40, much less the almost $90 that we paid. And it was covered up full. I just don't get it.
  14. Taylormade - Sim D, RBZ 3w, RBZ 3h Mizuno - JPX919 forged 4-P Artisan - 50*, 54*, 58* wedges, putter Bridgestone - Tour BX ball
  15. Well... I got to hit an Artisan prototype forged cavity back 7 iron during a wedge fitting, and it was amazing. Waiting to see when they come to market and the cost. If the price is right, I'm in as fast as they can take my money.
  16. I use a shag tube. Holds a couple dozen balls. Fits in my bag to carry to/from the range. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004PQ9K92/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  17. I got to hit an Artisan prototype forged cavity back 7 iron during a wedge fitting about a month ago. Hands down it was the best feeling iron I've ever put in my hands. Waiting to see the release date and price on these things. I'd love to have a set if they are not to the moon and back expensive. I'm in no hurry tho. I love my Mizunos.
  18. None now. I weighed the coins when I cleaned out the bag. 1.74 pounds of quarters, nickels, and dimes. Who knows what it was worth, but I carried that crap way too far...
  19. Rovic RV1S. Add the Bag Boy "shelf" under the handle, and you have more room to cram stuff than you should ever need. https://www.bagboy.com/collections/bag-boy/products/accessory-bag-compact-3-express-dlx-pro
  20. My Artisan putter has arrived and I need to unload this Mizuno M Craft III. I bought the Mizuno sight unseen just as Covid closed all of the golf stores to in-store business last year. Will ship anywhere in the continental US. 34" length. Stock lie. Stock loft. I replaced the stock grip with a Jumbo Bettinardi deep etched cord grip by Lamkin. $200.00 by Paypal only.
  21. Artisan 0920. 3* loft. 66* lie. 34.5" Titanium long neck. Face balanced. I may sleep with it tonight. Saturday cannot get here fast enough.
  22. Just picked this one up. Face balanced. Pure.
  23. Agree. Played Waterchase yesterday. Slowest I can remember the greens being in quite a while. Great shape. Just slow. Tierra Verde's greens have been slower than normal as well.
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