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  1. I agree brotha. I think flexibility plays a role but I’ve seen some non flexible guys rip it.
  2. Thank you guys for the comments. Me and a few buddies were having a debate about this which I feel there’s no definitive answer.
  3. I’ve searched but can’t find a direct answer. If a golfer has a sound technique, does he reach a cap in swing speed? And if there is a cap, is fitness the solution to achieve a higher swing speed? Thanks guys
  4. Back when I was a high handicapper I used to play with a couple mini tour guys who would tease me for always using a 60. After I got better I understood the concept to toss and let the ball roll vs the pretty “lob” shot.
  5. First set of blades were some Taylormade tp smoke MB’s. I shot in the 90s at that time but felt like I looked damn good hacking up the golf course ?
  6. I've tested different loft and shaft combinations with different swing paths on flightscope. In conclusion I found that the equipment changes only factored in a small percent BUT swing path made a big difference. I know it's not a what us wrxer's wanna hear but that's my 2cents.
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