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  1. From my R15 and in great condition. 6.0 flex, 62 grams and 44.5” in length. $75 shipped obo
  2. 9.5 430 head only. Decent shape, small paint chip by hosel. I have the Headcover so I will include that as well. Let me know if you have questions. $45 shipped priority mail
  3. Exactamundo! Now I'll admit I got sucked into the utility/driving iron chasm too, but it was entirely because I currently reside out west where the wind blows (think British Open) regularly, and I was looking for something to help cheat the wind. I still have a comparatively high swing speed (110 w/driver) and am a single-digit handicapper, and while I found a utility iron easier to hit than any a typical long iron, it also gave me the same sensation of less forgiving misshits I had back in the day when I was young enough and vain enough to carry a long iron..... And it lasted exactly three
  4. Decided to get a PXG putter fitting so selling the putter and tools to help fund this experience. All prices are shipped to continental US. If you need more pics just let me know and sorry they are rotated. First is the Scotty 33/350 Mil Spec. The pro plat finish was stripped by the previous owner and is in pretty decent condition. Topline has some nicks but nothing major and there is a little rust in the cavity. Has a ping grip and no headcover. Perfect to game or send to the custom shop to get restored. $275 obo How about Sold - Thanks Steven Second/Third is a Bettinardi Transf
  5. I took the plunge too and they are the biggest I have hit in a long time. However I like my results better with the CF16s so I can get over how big they are. Results trump everything for me.
  6. I need as low of a spinning driver as I can get being a high spin player (swing flaw) but for the most part I hit my driver pretty consistent. I will look into the cobra so thank you for the recommendation.
  7. Thanks for the input. Definitely a more financially sound decision getting some different shafts and experimenting. Especially if I'm not going to see that much of a difference.
  8. Vancouver definitely in the same boat as you. I love the driver but I can't help but think that with all the new technology out there I can gain 10 or so yards...
  9. Just started playing a little more recently and have begun to overhaul my bag. I've upgraded from burner irons to Callaway apex CF16 and my r9 to 3 wood to the M2. I definitely noticed a difference in ball speed and forgiveness switching to the new clubs. Next option is driver which I currently use a Ping Anser. So my question is, is the technology that much better that I would see a difference in distance from ball speed and forgiveness? I'm looking into the JPX 900 and M2. I realize I need to go and try them but wanted everyone's opinion too and make sure it is worth my time.
  10. Which produces faster ball speeds?
  11. Just got mine in with the PXi 5.5s and played 18 with them the other day. I still haven't taken them to the range so getting distances on the fly was interesting... once I get these dialed in I don't think they will be leaving my bag for a long time. Came from SLDRs so I am loving the added forgiveness
  12. GolfWRX is the place where I can get good feedback on clubs and discuss my hobby with others who share the same passion.
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