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  1. I kind of feel the Rickie Puma thing is played out and ran it’s course . i honestly don’t see much Puma gear on Courses like a few years ago.
  2. Global golf does the same thing orderEd a driver and wedge and the driver was not protected other than the cheap sock they put in it and the wedge was loose banging around the driver head .
  3. I had some irons shipped to me recently in a stand bag box . Let’s just say it did not arrive in one piece .
  4. Seems like my last few Ebay purchases have had really crappy packaging by the sellers then the Delivery service does not help by manhandling them. looks like people are being cheap on packing material , clubs just loose in boxes.
  5. I’m close to buying the Tag both for fashion and sports capabilities . my only concern is the lifespan , these get outdated and sow down rather quickly . i think I read the Tag only last a day or two, which I think is pretty bad . It does like like they purchased the fun golf app and renamed it .
  6. Played in Vegas a few weeks ago and was air mailing some greens on accident .
  7. Strange phenomenon for sure , local golf shops running low on inventory , low on used clubs. ebay used clubs are in high demand local courses are busy .
  8. Lol yes this just popped up on my news feed https://nypost.com/2020/08/28/why-vegas-dave-and-holly-sonders-moved-apart-stayed-together/ he seems like a real winner and she just looks like trash
  9. remeber they are in business to sell clubs
  10. I don’t understand why Costco is ruffling feathers in the golf industry .
  11. I have returned a few motorcycle parts new from eBay store and always had to pay return shipping . Sometimes it can be rather high. I find it very odd the seller would pay the return shipping especially on a used item .
  12. I’ve been working and riding my Harley this last year and golf has been on the back burner , rarely even login to WRx Or visit the local golf shop.
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