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  1. The whole economy is just a** backwards right now. when the drought gets worse Phoenix Nevada and SoCal golf will get hit hard.
  2. Op is the guy on ebay selling golf clubs that look like he dragged them behind his car for a year .
  3. Amazing that old Top Flite performed very well .
  4. Reading these studies over the last decade here in WRX. Pretty much all of them have the same results . shovels maybe more forgiving but won’t save a bad swing and scores will be similar with blades .
  5. Is Aaron the only one that doesn’t have his own logo.
  6. I went through phases , golf , Bowling , mountain bikes and now my Harleys , can’t do it all now family life sumner months have parties and family trips ramping up consume my time .
  7. Play early and carry lots of fluids
  8. Are these guys still a thing , haven’t heard much of them in a long time .
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