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  1. 3 balls /Global golf prices have went up 50% during Covid .
  2. I just choke down on my driver or hit my 2 hybrid off the tee . im not trying to hit miracle 3 woods to the green on par 5s
  3. I just put my 915 D4 back in the bag After so much going in circles I just play what works .
  4. Pga pros would wipe the floor with anybody here using cheap Wilson box set putter .
  5. Just saw some here in Irvine California . i wasn’t interested so I passed .
  6. The thing about inflation is some peoples incomes do not increase at the same rate.
  7. I just put together a complete bag over the weekend Cally Rogue sub zero driver $150 mizuno jpx 900 ironset 399$ odyseey 2 ball putter 50$ cleveland cbx wedges 54 58 120$ 700$ for a very solid bag eveything in very good condition . this stuff is only a few years old. Saw some guy this weekend in Roger Dunn drop 3000k On all brand new TaylorMade gear.
  8. Bryson is a workaholic he bust his a** day and night perfecting his single length swing . It’s not a quick fix for the weekend golfer.
  9. what happened to the WRX TXG partnership , havent seen any of that in a long time.
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