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  1. That was my set in 1998 iirc. Memories! GLWS!
  2. I've lost respect for Brooks over the last year for sure. Don't make excuses for losing, give your competitors (PHIL) credit and say he was the better man today, end of discussion. It used to be called "CLASS." Brooks doesn't appear to have any. Bryson is definitely much more entertaining to watch, even when he struggles. Brooks makes P Reed look like a southern gentleman.
  3. I don't use my 4 and 5 irons that often from the turf, but I do with tee shots on tight par 4's and long par 3's, so the bigger soles wouldn't bother me I don't believe. I will check them out. Thanks.
  4. Bought these from a member last winter on a whim, mainly because of looks, cost (the JPX921 HM PROS/Forged are more than double the $$) and they had the shaft I prefer, modus 120stiff. I use a PRGR to practice with a lot, especially noting the smash factor that I get as I warm up with my 7 iron, starting with half shots and progressing to full shots. It's not uncommon to get a smash factor of 1.40-1.43 when I'm shallowing the club properly. I'm coming from the Mizuno jpx800 pros. The Honma's are a bit smaller, and slightly less forgiving, but feedback is a lot higher. The forged heads of these feel a lot smoother than the Mizunos. I'm definitely sticking with these from irons 6-PW, but I do believe I'm giving up some strokes in the 4 and 5 irons. For now, I'm mixing my old 4 and 5 irons from the Mizunos, but on the lookout for a good candidate to fit into this Honma set. Anybody out there gaming these? If so, did you replace the long irons with something else?
  5. I have a black PRGR which I've used to warm up for the past several months, always half shots working to full with my 7 iron, I'm only looking at smash factor the entire warmup, and when I'm hitting it exactly like I want to, my smash is 1.40-1.43 with a forged head honma 747w. It's not my "average" but its my best shots. YMMV.
  6. For sale we’ll taken care of Ping G410 plus 9 degree with original headcover. Shaft is even flow 75g in stiff flex (6.0) also in excellent condition. $SOLD shipped Conus.
  7. Both are stock and should play 45.25" per the website. I will try to find someone with a SW scale local.
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