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  1. If someone lists a shaft as measuring, say 42.5", how long will in play in head, say a 3 wood head? Driver head? Is there a rule of thumb? Thanks.
  2. I do have a tour65 in the ping g400 lst but I just couldn't get on with it, perhaps too stiff or just not right for me. I am seeking the feel of the tensei orange with less spin.
  3. Previous gamer: G400 LST/Alta CB55 S. Recently bought a G410+ with Tensei orange S. I really like the G410+, it is noticeably more forgiving than the G400LST, just not quite as long on center hits. The Tensei shaft is smooth and plays at 45.25" vs the 45.75" of the G400LST. I can't get the swing speed on the G410+ as expected, but make up for it in center contact. SS is 100-105 with the G410+. My question is spin. I do believe the tensei shaft is spinning too much by about 300-400rms, usually around 2600-2700. Can you recommend a similar feeling shaft at 45.25" like the tensei orange that spi
  4. 40+ putts? That's unusual. Just work on your chipping to get it closer to the hole.
  5. https://journals.lww.com/nsca-jscr/Fulltext/2013/06000/The_Effects_of_Postactivation_Potentiation_on_Golf.15.aspx Paraphrase: 3 countermovement jumps (similar to squat jump) 60 seconds prior to driver swing increased swing speed by 2.25mph on average. My buddies will love this next time on the back of the box jumping around, lol.
  6. Second to Monte's Essential Swing. I learned a ton of information from it. The whole picture from start to finish, instead of a "tip." After watching this a few times, I now can better discard "tips" that don't apply to my move.
  7. Outside off grass only. I'm going to try the stickers outside and see if it makes a difference. Come to think of it, I may be just setting it up wrong. The MEVO always defaults to DRIVER in the menu before you start, I'm wondering if you have to pick the iron first in the menu before you hit. I'll do that and report back.
  8. Oh the MEVO is really good at picking up 90% of shots or better. I'll set it up and make a swing and have it call out the carry distance for each shot. I do that also for pitching, if I'm trying to land it exactly 15 yards or 20 yards etc.
  9. Here's my take: I've had MEVO for a couple years. I like it. Paid $500 for it. It seems very accurate on swing speed, launch and ball speed. I use it outdoors only. Spin on irons is not at all accurate, perhaps using the metallic stickers would improve this IDK, I don't use it for iron spin. My favorite feature is hearing the ball speed called out on the audio after I smash a drive, of course you can change it to whatever you like, swing speed, launch, smash, spin, etc. Sometimes it's a bit slow to connect to blue tooth on my phone, the phone must be very close to the unit, which is a problem
  10. ANSWER IS NO. I will leave this up in case anyone else needs this info in the future
  11. I need a portable radar but don't won't to necessarily hit balls to see my swing speed.
  12. 1. City and State? Conway, AR 2. Handicap? 5.3 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? yes 4. Current Iron setup? jpx800pro/gs95 stiff 5. What is the top thing you look for when buying new irons? spin/peak height 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? yes
  13. 1. Arkansas Golf Center 2. Conway, AR 3. 5.3 4. PingG400LST 10*/ Alta CB55S 5. yes 6. Tsi3 7. yes
  14. I've played Ozark National a few weeks ago, it was gorgeous, course conditions excellent, greens were spotless. Branson Hills is also very good, but not as good conditioned as Ozark, but for the money it's an excellent value. I paid the twilight rate at Ozark which started at 2:00pm which saved like $60 from the am rate. I'm sure Buffalo Ridge would be excellent too, I played it years ago when it was called Branson Creek and it was a must play then. There's also a 13 hole walking only course called Mountain Top at Big Cedar that is stellar.
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