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  1. Only warm water and nylon brush. I have two other sets of pxg clubs and no issues.
  2. Here’s some pics. It’s still minor but I feel it’s going to get worse. The clubs are only 2 1/2 months old.
  3. He uses a stiff nylon brush.
  4. I'll get some some pics when I get home. Its not on the face, it around the weight ports on the back of the club. If it was on the face I wouldn't be too worried, I expect that to happen somewhat.
  5. I had my son fitted in july for the Gen 3 0311p irons. I was playing with him and noticed rust is starting to form around the weights. To his credit he is very anal with his clubs and cleans them constantly so I know its not from him being lazy and not taking care of them. They were ordered direct from PXG so I know they aren't fake. Anyone else have issue with rusting?
  6. Anyone know where I can get weights for the TS3? Looked on Titleist website but cant find anything.
  7. I literally spent an hr at the range switching from the pxg to my trusty RSI Taylor Mades. Both have same specs and shafts, even same grips. I’m to the point where feel and sound mean nothing to me. The pxg were 5ish yards longer but the cast seemed easier to hit. I know, apples to oranges. I’m a mental case.
  8. I’ve mostly played casted clubs through the years. I recently went to pxg. While they are unbelievably nice clubs with great feel I just never get the feeling like I hit them or any forged club solid. I get the whole “butter” thing but to me cast clubs give me the impression like there is “meat” in the face, if that makes sense. Thinking of going back to cast clubs. I know this is all subjective but anyone play worse with forged irons? I get the feeling like I’m going to be messing my irons for awhile.
  9. I blame it on zero will power and a lack of common sense.
  10. Thanks! Getting ready to order some stuff.
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