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  1. Anyone got any info on this one? Seems early model. No face stamps . Sound slot. A big sound slot.
  2. Ah cool. So gen2 with different crown or something like that.... Just waiting to get on course now to test!!
  3. Thread mine, but did anyone actually end up hitting the XX / XXF / ZZ drivers?? Thoughts??
  4. Minty mint 9.999/10 Titleist 690MB irons 2 - PW Dynamic gold S300 Stock loft / lie / length Grips great (for 15 year old grips sitting there) Only the tiniest mark on the 3 iron as shown (small nick back of blade near heel 7th photo) Just a crazy crazy good set. Asking $750USD express shipped and insured from Australia If I can provide more information or photos please ask.
  5. As it's raining, thought I'd post some of the recent pickup's
  6. How do you make the hosels look so clean with the different metals Kyoei used to meld the club face to the hosel? The tour spec website has them looking distinctly different in the pics. I assume grinding helps??? Yeah it seems they machine them to a point but not a whole lot to keep costs down at a guess. The way I did it was to install a shaft and spin them around as I ground them to get the smoothest level I could. Then buffed them. I've seen a few videos where they do this so I just copied. I'm still playing them and they are rusting up well.
  7. Awesome stuff. I was too nervous to stamp mine but the dancing numbers is a great idea.
  8. Awesome stuff! Love the muscle definition on your irons. How did you vice and stamp the soles?? Love the dancing numbers!
  9. Some quick photos of the rust progress. Wedges have fully rusted as they were in play early. PW one of the last done but I don't want to do them any quicker than nature does so it's the deep colour. Enjoy
  10. Could you tell me where you got the belt attachment from? Thank you. This is an Australian site but same thing as I use: https://www.totaltools.com.au/76346-abbott-ashby-200mm-industrial-bench-grinder-po362plus8?gclid=Cj0KCQiA7IDiBRCLARIsABIPohh5iD2BGceiTJwnd2K0HwsvSRY2VXlGaUDyUC_tLB6zQ7DD97j9XVQaAgxmEALw_wcB
  11. Had these in play for a few rounds now and really liking the shape and feel. The heavier swing weights have also been good for me. They are starting to rust up nicely as well.
  12. So you haven’t had prior experience and they turned out that well?? Congrats! Now I need to snag a set I've ground some wedges before but not a whole iron and I wouldn't say I'm a 'handyman' by any means
  13. Just finished my last irons 9 and PW All done. Loved the project. Came out better than I thought. Enjoy
  14. The main thing is slow and steady. And at the end of the day, they won't be perfect. But if they are the rough right weight then they'll swing like any other lump of metal on a metal pole. Good fun anyway
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