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  1. I also had a nike uk order cancelled due to lack of stock.
  2. I just ordered in the uk. Seemed strange, I wanted to get a 9.5 and 10 but the app would only let me buy one pair while the website would allow multiple pairs but didn't have half sizes in the crimson. Crimson is already sold out now
  3. Thanks for the comments, I’m going to play we ko pa tomorrow. I’ll try to see talking stick another time.
  4. Hi, thanks for the invite but at this stage I’m not quite sure when I’ll be able to play. I’m viisting a friend and his family and I don’t know if they/we have plans yet. I’m hoping to play mon and/or tues but I’m not able to committ, I was planning just to book a tee time the night before. We ko pa is quite expensive isn’t it? Do you think it’s worth the extra money over southern dunes? Thanks
  5. I am visiting the area next week for some golf, I have couple of rounds planned with friends but I am going to add one or two more on my own. I am looking at southern dunes, we ko pa and talking stick. I have played southern dunes before and liked it but I'm tempted by the Coore-Crenshaw layouts. Does anyone have an thoughts? Is we ko pa worth the extra money? Which course is better at talking stick? I'm a three handicap from the UK (London and St. Andrews), I am also playing Papago and Moon Valley. Thank you in advance
  6. http://goo.gl/images/tSbxWr This image comes up on a google search. Given that it’s long iron vs short/mid iron the size difference doesn’t seems so bad.
  7. Accuracy of measurements aside, 10mm seems quite a big difference to me.
  8. I'm in a similar position. Will having my club call ahead make any difference at the good private courses? Are there any I should try in particular? I'm a member of a small royal club in the UK.
  9. Tuesday, not sure what the going rate is. He is still waiting for a couple of friends to respond, but several have already said no, so just trying to find out the lay of the land.
  10. edit: I'm asking for a friend Does anyone have any experience of selling masters tickets, either through stub hub or other means? I'm curious what the best way may be and if anyone has had any repercussions from ANGC. thanks
  11. You'll be putting in two separate, four player, ballots. They don't care if its 3 or 4 golfers, the slot can be filled from the singles list anyway, it won't affect your chances. You won't be able to add two more on if you get drawn for a twosome time. In August your chances are not great, but you have three chances. You could always queue as singles or maybe play a dark time if you are unsuccessful in the ballot.
  12. A (late) follow up for the benefit of others who search for this info. I got to Torrey early, 6:30, and was out at 7:10. It seemed like it was no trouble getting out as a single.
  13. Are there public locker rooms at Torrey?
  14. Thanks for the help. I'll try to get there early, breakfast and some range balls seems like a good way to go. I will be there August 12th.
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