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  1. Quick little review. I added the Callaway adapter and put it right into my Mavrik 10.5. I played the Ventus blue 6X all summer. It is a really good shaft but I wanted the graphite design “kick”. I have played several GD Shafts over the last few years, TP/GP/IZand last the VR. Still really love the GP profile. And when I heard that the HD felt very similar then I knew I had to get it. As I stated I just put the adapter on, no tipping and cut it to a 45 1/2 inch plane length. As I’ve gotten older I’ve gone away from the sex sex and so getting this in a 6S, I figu
  2. This is what I found on Getty Images. Doesn’t so much but...
  3. Thanks Greg! Sounds like you need a new 10 foot long telephoto lens!
  4. Rumor has it that Xander Schauffele has the Apex prototypes in his bag also. Did @pga43 get any shots? Or do they look the same as these?
  5. 1. Hillview Country Club 2. Franklin, IN 5. 7.8 4. Mavrik Ventus Blue 6S 5. Yes 6. TSi3 10.0 7. Absolutely!
  6. What a great line up! Enough variety to please everyone. Love the Toulon Chicago
  7. For what it’s worth, this head cover fit my Toulon Palm Beach. It was snug but it will work.
  8. And don’t forget the towel!! I also have a black/gray head cover not pictured. These are extremely well-made
  9. Another quick question for you guys. Do you add weight to the head, changeable or lead tape, to compensate for a heavier grip? Similar to swing weight?
  10. Do you like your head weight to be around 340 to 360?
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