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  1. I’ll take the 58* V grind. Sending you a PM For your PayPal paypal sent
  2. I’ll take the 58* V grind. Sending you a PM For your PayPal
  3. Got a few things for sale today. Only trades would be for Scotty Cameron putters or Taylormade Sim2 Max driver 1. Wilson Forged Blades 5-PW standard length and 1 degree flat. Factory installed KBS $-Taper 120 stiff shafts, GP tour velvet grips. Clubs are forged and no problem to bend back to standard lie. $SOLD shipped CONUS. 2. Wilson Forged wedges 52,56,60. Standard length and lie. Factory installed Limited Edition KBS black C-Taper stiff flex. Selling as a set only. $SOLD Shipped Conus Note: Wilson Blade iron set & Wedges sold together for $SOLD Shipped Conus 3. Callaway Mavrik Pro 3 & 4 hybrids. Factory installed KBS Hybrid Shaft stiff flex. Standard length, headcovers included. Selling as a set only. $Sold shipped Conus
  4. closing ad have decided to keep my Wilson Irons. Up for sale Is a very nice set of Wilson forged weapons. Iron set is 5-PW with factory installed $-Taper 120 Stiff shafts. Wedges are 52,56,60 with factory installed C-Taper Limited Black shafts stiff. Would like to sell as a set if possible. Might would sell iron set/wedge set separately if I had a buyer for each set. Looking for $800 shipped CONUS
  5. Up for sale is a very nice set of Wilson irons and wedges. Wilson Staff irons are 5-PW and 2020 Wilson wedges are 52* 55* 60*. Irons are shafted with KBS S Taper 120 stiff flex tour velvet grips and are .25 over standard length, 2* flat. Wedges are Shafted with KBS Limited Edition KBS C Taper 120 stiff black shafts Standard Length and Lie, White MCC grips. Price is a Firm $900 shipped CONUS. Looking at a specific set of Irons that are For sale on this forum. If they sell this set will be pulled off the board.
  6. Up for sale is one of the best feeling, best looking irons/wedges ever made for us lefties. Set is Forged Blades 5-PW KBS S Taper 120 factory installed +1/4” length, 2* Flat, Forged Wedges 52, 56, 60 SLL factory Limited Black C Taper 120. Irons in great shape with limited bag chatter, no chips and rock dings. Wedges are in excellent shape with very limited marks, no chips and dings. Will not sell wedges separate from iron set. Price will be very firm for this set. $900 shipped CONUS & $950 shipped to Canada.
  7. Selling a couple of extra clubs. Ping G400 Max 9.0* Tour 65 stiff flex 45.5” GP mid Z Grip no headcover. Ping G400 8.5* LST (Sold) Fuji Speeder Evo IV 757 Extra stiff flex 44.5” GP Tour velvet no headcover. Price $200 shipped each add $10 if West of Mississippi. Pricing these drivers at good price and for all the head only guys it’s going to be $190 each for the head only. No that does not mean I’ll sell a shaft for 10 bucks. Ping i500 4 iron 40” Project X Pxi 5.5 GP 360 tour velvet. Price $100 shipped add $10 if West of Mississippi.
  8. Can’t get any more left hand dominate than me. I guess i just got used to the right hand world on stand bags like we have to do with most things. Never gave it a thought I don’t guess.
  9. I’m left handed and 53 years old and I don’t even know what a left handed bag is? I have carried many bags and didn’t even notice that I was carrying a RH bag? What’s the difference? What makes a LH bag? What have I been missing for 53 years? Mike
  10. Up for sell is a mint Taylormade Sim 9.0 degree driver with Project X Green Smoke 6.0 60gram shaft. Shaft has lh adapter and stock TM grip. Club measures 45” and does not include headcover or tool. Price is $SOLD shipped CONUS.
  11. Up for sale is one of Pings best irons. If you don’t believe me browse through the 62 pages of its review in the Equipment section. Plus through high handicap golfers enjoy this club. Set includes 10 irons all same serial number and have factory TFC 189 Shafts installed. Flex is r flex but they play stiffer to me, I came from a set of irons with c taper 120 shafts and I can’t overload these shafts. Irons are red dot and standard length. Irons have like new Jumbomax tour wrapped grips. 4-Pw have xs size and U, S and L wedges have medium installed. Set is in very nice shape as you can tell from the pics. Only blemish is a small rub mark on 7 iron shaft from 14 divided bag. Price is $Soldshipped East of Mississippi and $sold if West of Mississippi.
  12. Messing with Dan Drake, he knows I can’t make it out of January with his “bag is set challenge” lol. My real WITB is in my signature but I didn’t see a need to post because I’m sure I’ll have something new before the month is out.
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