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  1. i vote for the titleist 681. thin top line, small head.
  2. i demoed all 3 recently. you are right about the feel. the cb and mb feel identical but there is a discernible difference in feel with the ap1 or 2 from the cb/mb, which are almost always soft (unless you shank it or hit the toe) as compared to the ap's which feel somewhat dull. with distances, i didn't get a loss with the ap1 or 2; rather i think i got a bit more (probably because it is a much easier club to hit). if only i could get pass the fatness of the sole and the lousier feel, i would probably buy the ap. personally i think the cb feels strikingly similar to the 690.cb, which i own
  3. got a set. lovely - pure joy. and i'm beginning to notice that it is slightly longer. but then again, i was playing on harder fairways, and an older head, so i can't confirm if it is the shaft or the environment. but it sure does feel a lot like the wb, if a little more stout and stiffer (since it is an iron, and also because the butt end isn't as soft as the wb).
  4. when you say it feels like a diamana but has a stiffer butt section than the white, do you think the butt feels like the blueboard then? by feel you mean the way the red, white, blue, kai'li feels ... all bright and lively? i am about to get a set of these and would like a better idea before i buy. no chance, unfortunately, to demo before i buy though.
  5. no way my country clubs allow jeans on course. i have been to a course in australia where they allow jeans though, although i can't imagine why you would want to wear jeans to play. doesnt it hurt?
  6. the way to go is to get both the d2 and d3 as i did. love both. down wind i use the d2, into the wind, the d3. also i have been fortunate that i love the mitsubishi rayon shafts which all play to the same feel, so both clubs feel exactly the same. i have several other friends who play d2s with blueboards and d3s with whites and vice versa. they all feel the same. these are the brightest feeling heads around, and matched with the diamana blue, white, fubuki or kai'li shafts, they all deliver a crisp bright feel at impact (with very different spin and launch profiles obviously, but totally consi
  7. i use the tightest gloves available. actually i have given up using golf gloves ...i have instead switched to batting gloves. fit a lot better, the quality of the leather is better and thicker, and the wrap goes around the wrist. love those batting gloves.
  8. i have the gas-sqbt wedges ... sick. unfortunately i have worn some of the face off. these things are brutal on balls. the poor pro v1s are scuffed such that you can see the brown bits after 2 hits. i have to say that whilst i like their wedges (i can't imagine they are conforming), i do not like their irons. the really clean, classic look of the titleist blades are still the clubs for me (681, 670, 690).
  9. got too many shoes (some of which are still new in box): - 2 x fj classics tour - 1 x fj reelfit - 1 x fj designers series - 1 x fj dryjoy - 1 x callaway (forgot the model) - 1 x ecco casual cool hydromax - 1 x adidas tour ltd how sad (for the shoes not worn i mean).
  10. for me 70s - under 32 putts; +8 pars 80s - 32-38 putts; 4-8 pars 90s - 38 putts and above; plenty of double bogeys
  11. don't understand tattoos. i guess you are showing individuality. dun bother me, and totally none of my business. i don't see why anyone should be bothered by your tattoos unless it is some figure/graphic which is offensive to them (like a naked body part, the devil or something objectionable ... who knows).
  12. i dont need a perfect swing, just concentration and focus for the 2 seconds it takes me to hit the ball. unfortunately, that doesnt happen all the time. hence the constant frustration on the course.
  13. GREAT SCOT! We have a winner!! That's impressive. :clapping: BTW, I just have to ask... did you see a difference between the 510TP & the 510 TP Tour?? nope. then again i had only just started playing ... but if i recall, i think the 510tp was a little hotter. it was the same with the tour burner. the proto was the hottest amongst the 3 i used over the 4 weeks i owned those clubs. i have since abandoned all tm clubs except for the 3wd i have in the bag which i use maybe once a round or once every 2 - 3 rounds (really depends on the course and wind). after the tour burner i m
  14. r7460tp and r7460tp tour. all the hoopla turned out to be pure hype. actually should add the superquad to the list too. these clubs i hated. thank goodness i didn't lose much on these lemons (for me ... may be a great club for you guys).
  15. er ... sore subject. ok here goes ... those listed in bold are still in the collection. 9.5* r540 9.5* r510tp 9.5* r510 tp tour 9.5* xr-05 9.5* xr-03 9.5* xr-03 cti 9.5* r7 tp 21* rescue mid 13* r7 tp tour 17.5* r7 tp tour 9.5* r7 tp tour 9.5* r7 tp shallow face 9.5* r7 425 tp 9.5* r7 425 tp tour 8.5* r7 460 tp tour 9.5* r7 460 tp tour 8.5* r5 tp tour 9.5* r5 tp tour x 2 9.5* superquad 1st edition tp proto 8.5* superquad tp tour 9.5* tour burner proto 9.5* tour burner tp 9.5* tour burner tp tour
  16. footjoy classic tours. very comfy and gives a snug fit. i think it all comes down to the insoles.
  17. the d2 and d3 play the same for me, but since the d3 spins less i chose it. the face sits 0.5 open ...the titleist site claims all 3 909 models are 0.5* open. here's a question to all you guys: does 20cc make a difference? and why did titleist build these with different capacities?
  18. that is one ugly looking head. but as long as it works .....
  19. anything with a really thin and tiny top line.
  20. so how does the voodoo compare with, say a matrix, diamana, fuji or accuflex (fill in the model...)? or the vs proto for instance? launch, spin, feel etc?
  21. i cannot possibly agree more with you. it is so spot on, it is the spot on of spot ons. as randy jackson would say: a hundred, thousand percent yes!
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