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  1. Neurotica, that US Army's rendition of Time Stands Still was fantastic. Thanks. A great regret of mine is to have never seen Rush live. Big dummy head, I am. RIP Neil
  2. ^ Love the B-52's. So whacky. So unique. Love Kate and Cindy's vocal blend.
  3. Waffle towel - wet half of it (must). Plastic tee for grooves if needed. I'm not dissing a brush... I just don't use one. The above yields clean enough clubs for me and no formal "cleaning" needed.
  4. Hi peeps, Nice Nice, Very Nice - Ambrosia (Ambrosia 1975) Interestingly, this song is based on quotes from “Cat’s Cradle.” Indiana's Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. shares writing credit and wrote the band a letter upon hearing it on the radio. The album was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Engineered Recording (other than Classical). Alan Parsons was the mixdown engineer for Ambrosia's first album and the producer for their second.
  5. ^ Work is kicking my butt. Bobcat's getting to be a dull boy.
  6. ^ Pretty sure a heard that song 5 days a week for a year riding the bus to school my Freshman year of HS. lol
  7. Now I CAN'T WAIT for our first outing and a pint in the clubhouse!
  8. Welcome dmuck! I haven't been downtown for a few months now. Found any good restaurants/bars down there that are open at this time?
  9. @halliedog If you're looking for great wings, a bunch of TV's, and a large selection of brews, look no further than the Ale Emporium to the N of the Castleton Mall. A favorite local spot for March Madness viewing.
  10. Do you guys use the Garmin golf app as well or not?
  11. Found a Vivoactive3 on sale and have it setup but unused on course. Looks like you have to download the coarses (free). My course is 5 miles away but when I brought the course up from home it's showing 326 yards, not 999 yards like my Bushnell would do. I'm not sure what to make of this but will report back. Would love to hear from other Vivo3 users on their experience with this watch.
  12. Seems most in Indiana that I'm aware of are charity events so I'm of no help. Sorry.
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