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  1. I've seen a move on numerous You Tube channels. During the transition the clubhead is tossed directly away from the target. Chris Como and Trevor Immelman and the axe throw, Jake Hurt has a recent one on facebook. I'm starting to get a feel for it so I thought I would get some input from my Golf wrx brothers on any tips or feels for this move. Is this move directed behind the heel line or more the toe line but behind?
  2. I talked with my fitter today and he suggested we get 7 iron shafts to try. They are the KBS Tour V 120x and the N.S. Pro Blue x. Wish me luck.
  3. I am currently playing the Bridgestone J15 cb irons with DG x100 shafts. I recently bought on ebay these same heads with the idea of shafting these with something similar to my DG x 100s in that I like the characteristics of the shaft but want something obviously different in my second set. Let me say up front that I'm a 70 y/o. I'm considering a slightly lighter shaft. I hit my 7 iron 165yds. and tend to load the shaft strongly. Any ideas on what shafts I should be investigating? I plan to talk to my fitter I just want some beforehand knowledge.
  4. I have had the Roos on my clubs for a year now and have wiped them down religiously. I'm a bit disappointed that it requires me to wipe each grip with a damp cloth to restore most of the tackiness before I use them. The tackiness doesn't last that long before i have to wipe it down again. The weather has been cool so that might be a reason. Anyway I am considering changing back to rubber. One other poster mention that his grips were slick, I thought it was just me.
  5. Thanks for your thoughtful reply to my post. Someone said [YouTube] that when playing swing thoughts generally don't work but swing feels can. I tend to agree. Because of the long winter and now the lockdown due to COVID-19 I've spent an inordinate amount of time on golf theory especially the biomechanist approaches. What I've found is that there is much controversy over a broad band of topics and in a way that's good. I've enjoyed the search and it makes one think. Getting bogged down in more detail hasn't helped me in the least, unfortunately. None of the guys that I play with would un
  6. Thank you "Nail It" for presenting this information. I have read Michael Hebron's book "See and Feel the Inside Move the Outside" and have used it in the past to play some good golf. For whatever reason I moved away from it.......in error. I think maybe because we as humans are in search of control or dominance. I can remember a difficult parallel was learning to do less with the hands and arms, they are to be inert as the videos above suggest. I guess my question to you is how do you mentally play this way? I know it sounds nuts but I found that I played better detached from the results
  7. My Razr X Tours are safely in the bag. I have no need to try anything else.
  8. Left hand through the hitting area, left thigh to right thigh with the knuckles turned under or facing more to the ground. Be sure to rotate while more "on top" of the ball with your chest........ i.e closer to the ball with chest coming into impact.
  9. I found that my inconsistent chipping was caused by cutting across the ball too much. When I opened the face a few degrees and tried to draw the chip or pitch my contact and distance control improved considerably. I'm comfortable with this. Depending upon the lie or pin placement stand the club up more vertically and play the ball off the toe in a putting motion is probably the simplest solution.
  10. At $240 for the Bridgestone J15 cb 4-pw you got a steal my friend. I have been playing these for several years now with the DGx100 shaft and love them. Those of us that play these irons know how good they are. It's surprising how many players don't know of these irons. I tried these against the Srixon and Mizuno counterparts and the J15 cb s just won the contest handily.
  11. To shorten your backswing, get to your transition faster.
  12. > @shanksaplenty said: > > @jc4birdie said: > > Like most things in golf, the real answers are hard to see, and are counterintuitive oftentimes. The takeaway fix is pretty simple, but counterintuitive. The hands move more inside, close to the right pants pocket, w/ the clubhead outside the hands to halfway back, yes. But the INITIATION of the takeaway must be done w/ the CORE & inwards breaking of the front knee towards the rear heel. If you initite that way, the club goes back to the toeline, smack in the middle of your body, which is correct. The hands/arms move, ye
  13. I find it disrespectful. You are a young person [student], so maybe you haven't been exposed to this sort of brush off that someone my age has experienced. Take the high road but, find another instructor and don't mention this person by name or by action. I would use this as a motivator personally, a 6 hcpt is a good player. Maybe this is a good thing to get some new eyes on your game. Good luck!
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