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  1. 1. Gforce 7iron swing trainer $old shipped 2; DST compressor $old pm me for pp info thanks
  2. all pm's have been replied. it is pending, to first pm. that was sent.
  3. Tourstriker Planemate. bought here on the classifieds a few weeks ago.shipped usps pty. thanks SOLD
  4. Titleist brand new in the bag 10.5. it includes headcover and tool f. Sold with stiff shaft Titleist ap1 712 4 iron new kbs soft stepped once i know length is standard not sure on loft and lie. my guess is it would be 1 or 2 degrees flat and maybe loft a little stronger. $65 shipped
  5. 1. G force swing trainer 7 Iron like the tempo whippy master you can google for the site or youtube for videos shipped 2. 910/913 titleist driver shaft bassara 50 gr regular flex will play standard length on titleist. also 913 fw shaft titleist 50 gr bassara regular flex take both for shipped pm for pp info no takers closing
  6. Yes shaft installed by titleist standard length,loft not sure on lie it might be 2 deg flat. swing weight should be standard. bought these and used for few month's then went to ap2's so they have been back up set.
  7. Titleist 712 AP1 4-GW KBS soft stepped once so play to firm or 5.5 flex. 4 iron is new and in the plastic GW is new also just swung indoors i can take more pics if needed. $350 shipped usps pty pm for pp info. thanks thanks for the catch have not used them in long time
  8. sure-set golf trainer sold The golf training aid is designed to make the backswing move easy. It trains you how to ‘set’ the club into the correct loaded position with great swing width, on the right plane, with the right angles. sure-set golf for more info
  9. .1 dst compressor 8 iron shipped usps pty Sold 2. 910f 21 head only $55 obo 9/10 with hc. 3. Ben Doyle TGM videos 9 dvd's total( this would be 3 vhs 247,264,583) converted by costco plus 2 vhs 224,336 probably shot in late 90 or early 2000 dont expect hd quality pm for pp info. thanks
  10. Titleist fairway wood and hb $200 obo for all 3 shipped with head covers and tool 913 17 fw diamana reg flex S+ 72 913 21h diamana reg flex S+ 82 913 24 diamana reg flex S + 82 910D 10.5 head only $55 obo shipped no head cover but will send with different titleist head cover pm for pp info thanks
  11. Scotty Cameron Studio Design 1.5 35" sold obo shipped usps pty. pm for info thanks
  12. [quote name='doctorjedi' timestamp='1412256289' post='10223241'] What is the head weight after the milling? [/quote] Dont Know it was done about 2 years ago
  13. Scotty 34" newport 2 not cut down length is original, face was milled by Tom Slighter. used generic headcover while gaming original cover was never used so it is new. i can post more pics pm me for pp info Sold Grip needs replacing its the original
  14. tourstriker educator and swing gyde type trainer? for both shipped pm for pp info Sold
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