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  1. Loved these - I had one about 8-9 years ago and it was a beast.
  2. Starting this early - if anyone can get their hands on one I'd love to buy it.
  3. Not to be that guy but a full bag of Ping is more expensive than a full bag of PXG now, on average. I don't really like the stuff but I think if those guys are chasing a status symbol they're barking up the wrong tree.
  4. Couple of random items - cleaning out - if you take it all I'll make you a good deal - $350 310 for everything left (Listed for $ 455 405 ). Accepting offers on all of this as I don't need it and want to sell before end of the week. 1) Tour Issue Callaway MD4 50 with DG TI X100 - std length with V55 Cord Grip - $65 60 shipped 2) Golds Factory Tri Sole Putter Head — don’t know a ton about these but know they are pricey if fitted / ordered new. $300 shipped OBO. 3) Titleist 714 MB Short Set - 4/6/8/PW with Tour Issue X100. Great for Sunday bag / etc. Std Length. $135 110 shipped 4) Titleist 712 AP2 / MB Combo Heads - 4-PW (including addit’l 7/8 712 CB). 4-7 AP2, 8-PW MB plus the two CB if you want to mix. Pics tell story. $215 200 shipped. 5) Callaway Apex Pro 19 Raw 5 Iron Head. $40 35 shipped. no trades thanks!
  5. 1) Callaway X Forged 18 Degree Utility w/ PX HZRDUS 6.0. Excellent, barely used. $165 shipped 2) SM7 52F and 58S Wedge Set. Brushed Steel Finish, stock shafts. $80 for the pair 3) 2009 Spin Milled 56 in Nice Shape. No wedge spins as much as this one. $45 shipped Take All for $225
  6. Any idea what shaft? Could tell from IG that it’s his normal D+ in the fairway but driver looks different
  7. Last section there does it for me "Instruction does not cover teaching the psychological aspects of the game." Just not sure why we're worried about it. It's not an Omar Uresti situation or anything.. Thanks for the definition.
  8. Not to be that guy but whether we think its right or not... is Scott Fawcett dominating in any high level amateur tournaments? Sure he may play- but unless he's won any titles worthy of being stripped from him I'm not sure this is even a debate.
  9. Added! Winston Collection Tiger Woods Invitational Driver Headcover. Has Taylormade stitched into it as they were a sponsor and this came on a SIM2 Max Driver that was also a tee gift. This headcover is only available if you play in the tournament. Please see below. Never used but has one minor white dot on top, maybe a small snag from travel. Not really sure how to price this but let’s try $250 shipped G425 3 Hybrid with Ventus Blue 8X. Plays standard length. Picked this up from a member on here but just not going to work for me. Pics are split head / shaft but will sell any way you want it. $350 for full club or $190 for head and $190 for shaft. Really nice combo. Let me know if you have questions! Reasonable offers welcome. Thanks
  10. I haven't hit a bunch beyond the TSI3 and the Ping G425 Max but both of those were winners for me. I don't hit 3w off ground much so tend to stick to TSI3 because its a cannon off the tee but G425 Max is as well and super forgiving. Couldn't quite get shaft dialed on the Max but I think w some hot melt to reduce spin / help sound it'd be unreal
  11. Just one item today - SIM2 Max Head only - new in plastic. Headed out of town this evening so would love to ship before 5:00pm. $340 shipped SOLD
  12. I feel like BK may dropkick Mark Crossfield after 5 minutes of listening to him
  13. Dang the blades look so good - how can I not order a set for $525
  14. I wouldn’t say it’s a pattern — just a bad after work swing .. I guess relative to some Titleist CBs I’ve played previously and the like there may be more offset, but they are almost exactly like the offset of 2018 X Forged IMO.. it may be slightly more pronounced but I wouldn’t say it’s crazy
  15. You need heavier weights. Adding length will increase the swingweight, but most CB putters have a heavier headweight to offset the weight in the butt end of the grip. Tanks are around 400g headweight.
  16. 1. City, State? Stuart, FL 2. Handicap? 3 3. How would the Apex Utility Wood fit into your bag? Bridge gap between 4 iron and 3 wood 4. Why do you want to test the Callaway Apex Utility Wood? Never quite been a 5 wood guy because of the extra length / afraid it'd launch too high. Very intrigued by this club as it is a lot closer to a hybrid in size but would probably cover distance gap even better / be more consistent with the larger head. 5. Do you agree to take high quality photos, write an in-depth review, and be part of an on-going testing thread? yes of course!
  17. Just One Item up for sale today. Scotty Cameron Golo S5 Center Shaft. Tough to find these in great shape — just gonna throw on here and see if anyone wants it. Awesome putter and I’ve been searching for one awhile but just not gonna use it. 34” and has Lime / White Superstroke Grip. Includes Cover. Let’s try $365 shipped OBRO. No trades
  18. Also did this and have been cruising. I almost like it better than paypal. Separate bank account for golf A okay
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