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  1. Lot can happen in two years...let alone five lol
  2. Hey there WRXers, Safe and a happy new year to all! Selling my throwback FT Tour, 9.5 degree head only. This driver is still regarded as one of the best Callaway has made, and it has plenty of life left in it. Normal wear and tear on the sole, face and top line are in pretty good shape. Head cover is included. $50 OBO, CONUS Only. Always open and listen to trade options
  3. And Vice had done NBA logo balls too. The Srixon Q-Stars are unreal with the NHL balls on it (I bought 4 doz of my favorite NHL team on the side of the ball) but just because one ball manufacturer is under contract with a sports league or university doesn’t specifically mean that TM can’t sign on with that league.
  4. Understood. Just not my cup of tea, doesn’t feel comfortable IMO.
  5. Call me a traditionalist or what not, but what is the razz and the rave about the align grips? They feel like a thin strip of a basketball on the back of the grip and to me they feel like garbage. The best grip, in my eyes, is the MCC, especially with the team colors they have now too
  6. Any way that TaylorMade can get all licensing four NA Pro Sport leagues to produce logos on the PiX ball? I know they have this with the NBA for that specific ball. Not gonna lie, would be pretty awesome to have your favorite hockey team or football teams logo all over the ball
  7. Those forged wedges are amazing! I wish they would release those state side. Those are amazing looking
  8. Hey WRXers Fall cleaning, and time to shed the herd on a few clubs that I have held onto that need to find better homes than what Im currently giving them! I have an Adams a12 Pro Hybrid, 18 degrees with the stock Aldila VS Proto RIP’d 80g shaft in it. This face has seen normal gamer wear and has plenty of life left in it. It has about 20-25 rounds in it, and I wish that I could game this one still as this loft doesn’t fit my gap anymore. Will include a headcover for it. $30 OBO And I also have a blast from the past, TaylorMade R5 TP driver, 9.5 degrees with an OG
  9. That Cypher shaft is pretty cool looking. Assuming it is going to be for slower clubhead speeds or more spin/launch if it has a 50g variant?
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