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  1. epic flash sz 9 aldila nv65 s 15 year anniversary tipped 1” plays hair over 44” 199.00 epic flash sz 3 wood tensei blue av 75 135.00 both clubs 300.00 original headcovers
  2. PXG 7 woods so long , it is hard to find gap. Only 10 yards shorter than 3 wood for me.
  3. It’s like anything personal preference, but I am not a fan of Azinger as announcer at all . He was a phenomenal, gritty competitor though. Then again friends, I like Nance and Faldo and thought Johnny Miller the best.
  4. epic speed triple diamond played one round, mint. sold. GD tour ad iz 6s great condition SOLD epic flash SZ 3 wood SOLD
  5. head only, good condition some small abrasion on top of face not visible at address. matching HC. 165.00 shipped.
  6. great shape, no case. 285.00 just cleaned and sanitized.
  7. I plan on playing Thanksgiving Point 4/24 but looking for other course 4/23 and possibly afternoon on 4/22. waiting on Hidden Valley for possible reciprocal play. Any recommendations would be helpful, staying in Draper for a couple of weeks for work. thanks
  8. head only, mint condition. Used 3 rounds. 375 shipped. I couldn’t find location to photograph without glare, it is in perfect shape.
  9. get fitted for piece of mind. I bought the 785s with 6.0 for cheap. at 53 wasn’t sure If Id get the 6.0 airborne. luckily they are easy to hit , even 4 iron. Favorite irons ever, but in back of my mind I still wonder if other shafts could outperform. when I step up to zx7 I will get fit for sure.
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