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  1. Looking for opinions on public golf in the Pittsburgh area. Interested in courses that would be a notch above the norm but certainly not as expensive as private or resort courses. Share any details.....conditions, rates, walkability etc
  2. What shafts do you have in the D7 Forged irons? I am considering picking up a set.
  3. I hit my 3 wood fairly well off the tee but really struggle for some reason hitting any 460 CC Driver. I feel I am giving up too much distance simply playing 3 wood the entire round and a buddy suggested I look for a smaller headed Driver, maybe a 425 or 440 size head. Interested in opinions on some tried and true models anyone has played and had success with. I figure it's worth a shot! Thanks.
  4. Is a G425 Max really any better than a G400 Max? C'mon seriously?
  5. Mainly wearing Skechers Go Golf 3 and tried Antholonz this past year. Neither were as comfortable as I need. Used Adidas in the past but never found the right pair since they discontinued the original Boost model
  6. My feet are getting old and tired. Any suggestions on either trail running shoes or other sneakers that are great for walking the course? I walk about 100 rounds/year and have some foot issues. Thanks guys.
  7. Picked up a Seemore Mallet FGP putter on the BST. Love the putter but not a big fan of counter balance. Thoughts on replacing the heavier grip with a standard weight grip?
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