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  1. I hit my f9 hybrid yesterday and it's higher-launching than the f8. At 19 degrees it's a legit 200 yard club that can hold a green. I thought about switching to VL this year but after one range session I'm reminded about the ease of OL
  2. I'm thinking about putting these in a set P-4 but with 1/3 shaft length increments and wondered if I would still see the intended flight characteristics. Also any recs to do the work? I don't have anyone local and continental golf is a bit pricey. Thanks!
  3. It's winter and I am hitting a lot balls into a net in my garage. I don't have a launch monitor so it's all feel and working on positions from a recent lesson. I currently own a very nice set of Cobra FTB OL L-5 and hybrid that I played very well with last year. I also have a set of Hogan Fort Worth Blacks and wedges that I was starting to hit OK in the fall. Clearly the Cobras are more forgiving (but not so much as to have a huge effect on scores). I'm struggling with a question of commitment this year; OL mindset and consistency vs the challenge and reward of VL blades. A more nimble mind wo
  4. I took a lesson this weekend and we focused almost exclusively on the take away and wrist movement. It's his way of moving me into a rotary swing. The above video is very helpful reinforcement!
  5. If there was an unspecified bonus amount left to Kuchar's discretion and he decided on $2k out of $1.3mm then it's pretty hard not to see him as cheap. Was it standard and reasonable? Maybe but still pretty cheap and makes me think Mr. Smiles is
  6. I play with my dad a lot who rationalizes his cheating with remarkable force and efficiency. It doesn't bother me until his member-guest when I have to watch my own partner like a hawk. It's really stressful and we miss the playoffs every year by a couple points. He will then blast people for sandbagging (rightly so) and lament the unfairness of it all. As I write this it occurs to me that it's no wonder I was drawn to a career in the law....
  7. I've often suspected that many people are like cattle and naturally gravitate towards other people whether it be at the range, gym or stadium. I had a different animal attack me at the range before the snows came. He was like a wolf; he saw the irons in my bag, invited himself to try them and used a good ten balls from my bucket before I could get my back up to object. Not only did it ruin my range time, I drove home feeling like a wuss.
  8. I think the OP's question may have been lost a bit among the virtue-signaling and chest beating. My interpretation was he was asking for honest opinions about that initial contact between a group of friends and the lone outsider who apparently have different values or ideas about how best to get around a golf course. In polite society among seasoned golfers the awkwardness is quickly dispelled but in more tribal settings it can be really uncomfortable. In my travels I've mostly been the walker but have also been part of the group that doesn't want the social pressure of integrating someone new
  9. It's my understanding that the forged tour OL will not be updated until next year.
  10. I'm heading into my second season with FTBs 5-L. Just ordered be new OL hybrid as well. Frankly I played the most consistent golf of my life with these clubs last year and plan to focus on my swing this year with the same clubs. I did pick up some of the VL black hogans but after messing around with them it's pretty clear they are for fun challenge rounds and the cobras are for scoring.
  11. The F8+ shaft is 1.5 inches longer I believe but I suppose it can be cut down
  12. I had one and sold it instead of a reshaft and now regret it. I liked the shaft length, head size and the way it played out of the rough. Before I go hunting for another one can anyone recommend a comparable club to sit in between a OL hybrid and three wood? Thanks.
  13. Same. Some times it seems silly to "grind" to turn that 90 into an 86 on a local goat track with no one watching. However this is often what I do and have gotten better at letting my mind wander between shots and snapping back when I am hitting shots and around the green.
  14. Thanks all. Regarding the Honma, there are a couple on eBay right now. Any thoughts on the difference between the Vizzard blue and red shafts?
  15. Any recommendations for a fairway wood that sits square?
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