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  1. Any news on driver CG/MOI 2021?
  2. How much spin increases from 1.5* more dynamic loft will depend on CHS.. But pretty close to +400rpm for most.
  3. See my post above. Where are people getting the info it's lower spin? From what I've seen, Ping states if anything it's higher spin.
  4. Have Ping made any claim of lower spin? Here's what Ping say : G410 LST spins 200-400rpm less than plus. G425 LST spins 200rpm less than G410 LST and 500-700rpm less than G425 Max. Sounds to me like the G425 Max spins 100RPM more than G410 plus.
  5. You'd raise the heel/toe/vertical axis MOI by 90-100g cm2.
  6. Chart from GolfTec. MOI bottom , RCOG left vertical bar.
  7. https://wishongolf.com/technology/design-firsts/driver-designs/.. Preceded by Wishon.
  8. Can someone please explain what TM say is causing a human to perform different vs a robot with the off center testing ? Are they saying that on avg when a human hits the high toe they have more a swing that results in more closed face angles and vice versa?
  9. Callaway don't mention what sort of VFT they use for the super hybrid? I wonder why no cup face?
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