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  1. I've played the XV before and thought it was too hard for me but I've never had an issue with durability.
  2. Hottest day of the year here yesterday and with all the rain we've been getting in NTX it was absolutely brutal. But it was fun when in May it was 75 degrees.
  3. Zings, no? Talk about an ugly iron......
  4. He made high 7 figures from Cleveland as a bonus by winning a major with those ugly clubs.
  5. TE is on point for sure. To my eye, the hybrid set up just slightly closed. I couldn't get past that.
  6. It was a Ping My Day. I switched because I wanted a putter that was more forgiving and every time I played with this new putter it felt and worked amazingly well. It was a good move.
  7. I didn't want to like this putter but I couldn't argue with the results.
  8. I live in Plano and I'd go to Watters Creek before I'd go to any of the other ranges in the area. My second choice is Pecan Hollow. I'm a stickler for good grass. Pecan Hollow, as mentioned, also has some of the best greens in the area generally.
  9. It's an amazing driver. Most forgiving driver I've ever hit and it's not short either.
  10. I've mentioned it here before but I feel that the TP5X is the perfect ball. It's softer than the last version, doesn't spin a ton and is very durable, in my opinion.
  11. After purchasing the 721 driver and seeing the results I got, I bought the 15° 3 wood and the 19° hybrid. I've always played X in my 3 wood but I bought the S this time. It definitely launches higher than my regular M3 3 wood of the same loft. To me, it doesn't sit as nicely behind the ball as my M3 either. It'll take some getting used to. The hybrid sits closed to my eye and is easier to hit left than I like.
  12. I wonder if there are any tips available for this driver so we can try different shafts?
  13. Bought one yesterday. It's legit. I went up in loft and the flight is very nice. It's not really higher than my 9 degree SIM. It's friggin much more forgiving though. It just wants to go straight. I'm not sure my SIM will be in the bag now.
  14. The '21 TP5X might just be the perfect ball (for me). It spins perfectly off of every club and it's softer than the last X, which I thought was too hard. Durability is exceptional as well. I'm sold.
  15. I bought a dozen yesterday and played with them today. They didn't really impress me. They didn't suck but they didn't do anything different than the last version. To me, they felt like an AVX but with more spin. The cover held up nice though. I'll play these and try the X's to see if they're better. Overall, don't think they made any progress with the new ball. Not sure how much more they can do to improve the old model anyway. Just my thoughts.
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