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  1. Selling a mint set of JPX-900 Tours 3-PW, they've been used for a couple of rounds, too much club for me, they have DG AMT s300 shafts and are standard L/L/L. Asking $725
  2. [quote name='harold baines' timestamp='1395791854' post='8950799'] [quote name='Hot Rod 71' timestamp='1395788624' post='8950417'] Loft and lie adjustment = $5 per club, or $40 total. Still a significant savings of $260 over the full retail price. I understand the issue with advertising sale prices, its just a pain to call in today's age of instant technology. So how can the seller on ebay list them at that sale price but DD's can't? Is it a certified seller kind of thing? [/quote] don't forget the length change needed, even if they reuse the grips there's some labor to be charged for
  3. Great giveaway Driver: Rugby Stripe Knit Pom Pom (Royal/White) Fairway: Rugby Stripe Knit Pom Pom (Orange/White) and (Light Blue/White)
  4. I've always wanted to try a set of Mizuno irons, and these look great
  5. PING Golf Scottsdale TR Adjustable Shea Putters [color=#282828]Super Stroke 2.0 mid-slim grip in orange[/color] [color=#282828]Orange Paintfill[/color]
  6. [list] [*]Looking for a new set of irons, and would love to test the new offering from TaylorMade [*]El Paso, TX [*]Right [*]5 [*]100-105 mph [*]TaylorMade MC [*]S300 [*]Never [*]Yes [/list]
  7. They are the best looking irons I've seen in a long time, and I have always wanted a set of Fourteen irons
  8. GolfWRX is the one place where I can find everything golf related, with great reviews on all new equipment
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