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  1. 9* if you like the flight you are getting from your 9.5. MGS article from last fall says this:
  2. Good morning! I bought this new from Mizuno two years back, played a couple rounds and then swapped it for the non-Fli Hi MMC 6. One small blemish on the sole. Maybe someone can use it? Asking $60 shipped CONUS. Happy to send elsewhere, PM me and we can work out shipping. Thanks!
  3. Yup, I think your right. I remember reading a MGS article that talked about forward CG, closer in line with the shaft plane, will reduce forward "kick". Having CG back will tend to create more loft at impact.
  4. After wrapping my brain around all the physics stuff last night, I'm with you that I don't notice any real-world difference with the driver either. ~160mph ball speed here. I can snap hook out of the flat (fade) setting and slice off the planet in the upright (draw) settings depending what side of the bed I woke up on. I just think there are so many other impact condition variables that have a more prevalent effect on the ball flight than lie angle (for me). Maybe it's noticeable for the best ball strikers.
  5. I got one of the new Fiberbuilt Hourglass Pro studio mats. Love it so far -- 2 days in. https://fiberbuiltgolf.com/products/hourglass-pro-studio-mat-kit-single-hitting My set up is in my garage where I also need to park, so need quality and portability. Had the Practice Station from Costco (also Fiberbuilt product) but didn't like hitting on the flight deck oval. This new one is a definite upgrade and still breaks down easily and slides out of the way for car to come in.
  6. Very cool! If you end up needing different weights to fine tune, just wanted to pass along that they are the same as the TSi2. There are some aftermarket ones on Amazon and potentially other places....
  7. No direct experience, but I stay away from any site where I can't find any "about us" or "contact us" section like this one.
  8. I know! Shouldn't be a big deal to grab a set of iron heads and toss them in a box and mail out. Good that there's a few component options out there -- just wish more OEMs were willing to play along with us hobbyists. Next time I go to a fitting event, I look forward to an OEM rep trying to feed me an excuse around "quality control" or "build tolerances" as an excuse for why they need to assemble them.
  9. Ya, ^^THAT. And even for builds that don't deviate from stock. Last two sets of irons I ordered from Mizuno I asked for grips loose, 1/4" long, "A" weight heads, and "BEST" SW. Day they arrive I break out the heat gun, clean, spine shaft, tip weight, butt trim, and then grip. Looking at TSi3 and 4 heads recently, I can confirm what @Ger21 said there too; seeing range of roughly 7 grams in those heads for "standard" stock builds.
  10. What you said makes sense -- I'd be nervous of that too. You'd have to level set expectations that you aren't looking for a tear-down and re-build -- rather small tweaks to try to get more shaft lean. I'd think a good pro should work with you on that, and give you an honest assessment if it's possible or if you'd be fighting an uphill battle to get where you want to be without some bigger changes. Definitely do that! It's really important know your starting points. And if you can get on a launch monitor to know your dynamic loft that would be good to know too. I h
  11. Very cool Howard! I learn so much from you (and others!) here.
  12. Those are cool labels. Did you make those or buy them someplace? Did a quick online search this morning and can’t find any like that.
  13. That’s awesome. Thank you for those illustrations! I was writing my earlier reply and didn’t see yours but this help a lot, too. I do have one of those magnetic sticks. Grabbed it at a garage sale a while back and never really paid attention to it until a half hour ago. I always thought it was turf contact that mattered and didn’t regard the orientation of that lofted plane. The light bulb just went off, ha!
  14. So taking what you are showing here and what @Alan Pllu wrote above, I grabbed my magnetic lie stick thing and can clearly see that the resultant shot from a change in lie angle is actually influenced by the loft of the club. I missed that in my earlier thinking. Thanks guys!
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