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  1. It's a tie between: 1) TM OO 13.5* as a 2W and ditched the 3W 2) Titleist TS2 18* 5W and ditched the 19* HYB This time last year I was convinced top of my bag would forever be: Driver 3W 19 HYB
  2. #1: You could tip the 130X shafts a little bit, like 3/8". After all, they are 9i shafts soft stepped a couple times for those wedges so not surprising you might find them soft. #2: KBS Tour wedge-specific shaft in 130g X flex (37" shaft, not the 37.5" 9i version); gets you one step closer, and you could even consider tipping this one a little bit too. I play $-taper HT 120 S in MP-18 6-9, 125 S+ in PW (bent to 44*), 130 X in 48 and 52 T-20 wedges, and a 130 X Tour Wedge in my 58 Vokey. No issue at all hitting that 58 full shots, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, sand, or chipping. Shaft feels good and matches rest of the set well. Played the Hi-Rev and other 8-iron based spinny shafts in the past with a definite different feel from the rest of the bag. No experience with the 610 but hear it is useful to keep shots down and sounds like that's working for @byoshio82 as noted above.
  3. I cringe when I see packages route through PDX or Troutdale....I picked up an express overnight at FedEx Issaquah up here in the Seattle area last week, after two days of not delivering it. Nice person at the counter gave me a "sorry we're short on drivers" answer.
  4. I did come up with one "work around" a while back. First, I subscribed to the whole Classified / BST forum so I'd get an email for each post. Then, in my email client, I set up a rule to look at the incoming message for a keyword in title or body and forward to another email address (one which I do regularly check). This worked for a while but has been fragile. The site would send dozens of emails each day for all the BST traffic to an old Hotmail address that I don't typically check. After a couple days this flood of emails would stop arriving. Something up on the Hotmail side (other posts on that). Then after I'd poke here and Gxgolfer would look into it, they would start up again and work for a few days and then stop again. Not just for me but bunch of other people having issues with Hotmail. I intended to make a dummy Gmail account and try to avoid Hotmail, just never got around to it. Maybe I will dust off those plans.
  5. Dunno if there was ever a way previously. Perhaps not. I don’t know how the software works behind the scenes. Just was hoping to set up a rule that would only put something new in my bell list or send me an email if it met a search word filter. I tried playing with the custom activity streams and that seems close but can’t use search words only tags.
  6. Is this still the case we can't save searches with notifications? My use case is pretty simple and straightforward, I think: I want to get an email when there is a new classified post with a certain search term in the title or body. I can subscribe to a daily digest for the classifieds, or get an email when ANY topic is posted to the classifieds. I also can search the classifieds for a search term. Figure I should be able to make a custom stream based on search topic and subscribe to it.... Bookmark is interesting way to get it in the browser history....but then I still have to check the site. Would like the notification pushed to me.
  7. No more than 1/2” tip, ~43” playing length. Don’t care what adapter, installed in a fixed hosel head ok too. Thanks!
  8. That side trip to Eugene has to be mis-scan. Sarasota to Tampa area on both ends. Doesn't seem like enough time to get all the way to Oregon and back but perhaps so. Regardless, ya, FedEx ground in the Pac Northwest is crazy with all the labor shortages and issues plaguing the Portland distribution center, and spilling over to other places around the region. And FedEx Express is sitting on overnight boxes due to driver shortages, and delivering critical shipments via independent contractors in their own personal cars now! Surprisingly, in the Seattle area, the USPS has become super efficient for me. Stuff leaves the regional outbound hub same night I drop off at PO, and gets delivered same day it arrives at local inbound distribution center. Knock on wood that keeps up and I didn't just jinx it.
  9. Ya, I tried the Mini for a bit, back in my OO. Used same shaft for both, plus tried a couple others. Didn't see any material difference in distance or dispersion to make it worth keeping the 300. Also, I didn't like the bigger head honestly, as it started to creep too much into looking like a driver than a marginally bigger 3W as my 1B tee club.
  10. With the Golfworks or the Golf Mechanix gauge highlighted here, how do folks repeatedly and accurately clamp a stepped shaft for precise loft and lie? I always seem to introduce some variability in how the club sits on the gauge base when the clamping pad falls right over a step.
  11. I’m always curious about shafts too, but I’d think people should answer this with qualifier if they are playing it as small driver or big fairway wood (tee shots, or off deck). The head is weighted as a 3W so my inclination is to play shaft weights in same class as one would play in 3W. And then use a shaft profile that gives launch characteristics you want. I tried a 13.5 300 and went back to a 13.5 OO, and use a high launch mid spin Diamana ‘ilima 70 that gives me a launch very similar to what I was getting with a low/low 15* 3W at same length. This is exclusively a 1B tee shot club that’s a lot bigger and more forgiving than a typical 3W head size. Never hit it off the deck.
  12. My wife games the S and C, and a CBX 2 54. Believe the G would work well for full shots, the S would probably work from full shots out of rough of course a long full bunker shot. The C is definitely for messing around the green. The CBX 2 is nice for full shots
  13. Thanks all for the feedback -- super helpful!
  14. Whatever head you get, try a Diamana Thump Fairway shaft. It’s been point and shoot for me in a 5W (older TS2). Off the deck or tee. Way under the radar shaft.
  15. Never found the other thread…link would be appreciated. Maybe I’m just not using the right search words. I tried a W 70 S and felt like too much shaft. Dropped my club head speed a couple ticks and didn’t see much in the way of dispersion benefit, just distance loss. Going to try the W 60 X and on the lookout for an old bimatrix S too.
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